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Good News for Hertz Packages with Daily Getaways – In Spite of No-Notice Hertz Devaluation

Written by Charlie

Even though there has been the bad news of an unnannounced Hertz devaluation, Daily Getaway packages have been loaded to correctly offer the points needed with the devaluation.

Airlines and hotels devalue their programs more often than we like – but at least they tend to give us some kind of notice before it happens.

Good News for Hertz Daily Getaway Packages

Link: Daily Getaway Hertz

Hertz chose to devalue and to give no notice – and to make those devaluations immediate. While this really hurts the Hertz loyalty customers that have been accruing points in the program, it was really a terrible move one week before the Daily Getaways packages for Hertz would go live.

Because of that devaluation, it meant that the Daily Getaway packages would not be accurate in terms of what the offers were for. After reading about this at The Gate, I immediately e-mailed my contact with Daily Getaways to point this out and to see if I could get a response about what would take place because of this discrepancy post-devaluation.

Hertz Agreed to Fund Packages at Full Amount

Thankfully, I heard back just now and was told that they talked to Hertz and Hertz agreed to make sure the packages would retain the same price while also offering the points necessary to fill the intended packages.

These packages go live next Wednesday, May 29, at 1PM ET.

So, if you were planning on getting a Hertz Daily Getaway package (which have always been immensely popular), you can do that knowing you will be getting the points necessary for what is being advertised.

To take it even further, you may even be able to get a little more mileage out of the packages if you use the points for other awards that weren’t increased quite as much.

Conclusion – Bad on Hertz for making an instant devaluation like this but Good for Daily Getaways working with Hertz to make sure the packages are as advertised next week.

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