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The Best – and Most Impossible – Daily Getaways Deal: Hyatt Points for 1 Cent Each

Written by Charlie

Today only, buy Hyatt points at the cheapest price point. But, this is also the most difficult Daily Getaways package to get so be ready for the competition!

Today is the Daily Getaways package that tens of thousands want but only a few – as in 239 to be exact – will be able to buy. It is Hyatt points for just about 1 cent each. This is the best price they get but it means that they are almost impossible to get. I have never heard of anyone that has been able to get them yet but I would love for that to change this year!

The Best – and Most Impossible – Daily Getaways Deal: Hyatt Points for 1 Cent Each

Buy Hyatt points

I’m not going to spend time telling you all that you can do with these points. If you know Hyatt points, you know that there are many, great options that would work to spend these points on. Just buy them now and then we can talk later about what to do with them!

Link: Daily Getaways on Hyatt Points – Live at 1PM ET

Everything about this deal on Hyatt points is the exact same as last year, right down to the number of packages available. I have never been able to snag a package yet but maybe I will this year. Be ready to hammer that refresh button right before 1PM in order to even have a shot at getting any of these points!

Here are the packages on sale:

  • 24,000 Hyatt points – $260 | 120 available
  • 30,000 Hyatt points – $330 | 54 available
  • 40,000 Hyatt points – $415 | 30 available
  • 72,000 Hyatt points – $775 | 25 available

Everything is exactly the same as in years past – the cost, the amount, and the number of packages available. Good luck to all of you and know that I will be hammering that button right along with all the rest of you! See you in a couple of hours! 🙂

Of course, if you miss out, you could always buy them for less than regular price with this sale as well!

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Charlie has been an avid traveler and runner for many years. He has run in marathons around the world for less than it would cost to travel to the next town - all as a result of collecting and using miles and points. Over the years, he has flown hundreds of thousands of miles and collected millions of miles and points.
Now he uses this experience and knowledge to help others through Running with Miles.