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How Hyatt Could Show You Some Great Values for the $1,000 Orbitz Code

Written by Charlie

Wondering if you should get the $1,000 Orbitz code today? Find out how Hyatt could actually show you some great options for that code!

In just a little while, the Daily Getaways deal will go live for the $1,000 Orbitz code for just $650. While they use the term “qualifying” hotels to limit the use of the code, I think it is extremely safe to say that the code would work on any hotel that any other discount code works on now. Because of that, here is how Hyatt could show you some great places to use that code, should you choose to buy it.

How Hyatt Could Show You Some Great Values for the $1,000 Orbitz Code

First of all, my assumption would be that Hyatt properties would be excluded from the $1,000 Orbitz code, if it follows the same terms that other discount codes do with OrbitzAlso, make sure you book a reservation that costs at least $1,000 before the code as there is no residual value on the coupon!!!  I have no way of knowing for sure, but I think it is safe to except that chain hotels would be excluded.

Find a Small Luxury Hotel on Hyatt’s Website, Then Book at Orbitz with Code!
orbitz code

The Hyatt price for the Santorini Secret Suites & Spa

But, the Hyatt website can still be a great resource to finding an excellent hotel to use that $1,000 code at. This is thanks to Hyatt’s partnership with Small Luxury Hotels.

Orbitz code

The price through Orbitz (with a 10% discount code to show codes work) for the same hotel on the same night (don’t book a reservation for less than a $1,000 or else you will forfeit the remainder of the $1,000 code – this is just to show that a coupon works at this property).

The Small Luxury Hotels program has over 600 independent hotels as part of its portfolio, but these are not chain hotels so they work with the normal discount codes. However, it can be hard to identify those hotels as SLH properties from within Orbitz.

Here is where the Hyatt part comes in – Hyatt has done a great job of adding the SLH properties to their booking portfolio, over 200 hotels in all. This means these are hotels that Hyatt feels comfortable associating with and it brings some awesome properties from the thousands of independent hotels to our attention.

Having used the Hyatt relationship with a SLH property already and being familiar with several that are in the portfolio now, I think it is a great idea to use the Hyatt website to find SLH properties as a way of picking out stellar hotelsFrom there, you could go back to Orbitz and book them using that $1,000 Orbitz code.

Let me be clear – this booking process will have nothing to do with Hyatt. The only Hyatt perspective is using their website to locate SLH properties that they have deemed awesome enough to join in a partnership with. You would then take that knowledge of that property back to Orbitz to book.

Many of these properties could already include free breakfast so you won’t be missing out on that. Not only that, you can take advantage of prepaid discounts that are offered as well as using that great $1,000 Orbitz code.

To see more about this, check out this detailed post on why you may not want to book some SLH properties through Hyatt. I did want to get this post out there for anyone that may be sitting on the fence about pulling the trigger on the $1,000 Orbitz code in about 30 minutes from now. 🙂

Let me know your thoughts and also, if you buy a code, which property you choose!

Featured image is the Santorini Secrets Suites & Spa mentioned in the post

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  • BIG MISTAKE to book the example as you mentioned before
    The code only applies to a single room and “There is no residual value and no credit will be issued if the purchase amount is less than the coupon code discount. The coupon code may not be re-used, even in the event that you change or cancel the booking.” This makes it even more restrictive as it has to be a single reservation.
    > so you pay $650 and all you get in the above is a room for $681 > $31 savings as there is no residual value

    • I never told anyone to book that – I just said that hotel was an example of the code working.
      I clearly said what you are saying in the post about the Orbitz code. My point was that any hotel that allows the use of discount codes, should work without a problem with this $1,000 code.
      Plus, that is just a single night. Booking at least two nights at that specific property would easily eat up the $1,000 (and you cannot use other codes with it anyway).
      I kind of thought it was obvious that I was just showing an example of finding a hotel it works with, but I guess it wasn’t…

  • People skim and rarely read so everything has to be repeated 🙂

    Promo codes can only be used once. The minimum spend is $1,000. Promo codes can only be used on reservations paid for at time of booking. Simply use the promo code at checkout.

    Note: The coupon code may not be re-used, even in the event that you change or cancel the booking.