The Everest Marathon – Mount Everest for Runners

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Want to experience an adventure like Everest? This is the Everest Marathon – Mount Everest for runners. You can pick a half marathon, full marathon, or even an ultra-marathon from Base Camp on Everest.

Everest has been in the news a lot lately as things get pretty crowded up there – more this year than ever before. It has not only caused dangerous situations but there have also been deaths.

The Everest Marathon – Mount Everest for Runners

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There is no question that mountain climbing, especially of the Everest caliber, is a risky sport. It is also becoming more popular than ever, even with huge fees and costs associated with the gear and guides.

But, there is an event that could be more unique than even summiting Everest! For runners, the Everest Marathon is the highest marathon in the world and it has runners covering 26.2 miles (or more, if they opt for the ultra version).

The starting line for the Everest Marathon is at Base Camp, 5,356 meters up in the air – 17,500 feet up for those of us in the US. That is over 3 miles high so it rightfully claims the title of the world’s highest marathon.

everest marathon

The Everest Marathon takes place every year on May 29 so it has just concluded for 2019. This is to celebrate the climb of Tenzing Norgay and Sir Edmund Hillary. This means the date for 2020 will also be May 29, 2020.

What Does It Cost to Enter the Everest Marathon?
  • Lodge Package – $2,700 | 20 days
  • Camping Package – $2,500 | 20 days
  • Marathon Package – $999 | 3 days

The cost is, as you can imagine, quite steep. If you just show up at Base Camp for the marathon, the cost is $999 and the duration of that package is 3 days. If you want a more immersive experience (one that will take 20 days), you can pay $2,500 for the camping option or $2,700 for the lodge option. Here is an example of the package itinerary:

everest marathon

I doubt that I will ever run the Everest Marathon, simply because of the time demands. But, it is one that I have always thought about wanting to do – a lot! I will never climb to the peak of Everest but would enjoy running down it!

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