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The Chase Offer for Hyatt Worked on an International Stay

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Written by Charlie

Chase Offers are another great way to save money on spending you already do. This latest offer for Hyatt even saved me money on an international stay – not a domestic one.

Chase has been making some nice moves with their own competing offers to Amex Offers – in fact, they are named “Chase Offers!” However, the terms for hotel offers tend to designate the offer as being only valid at “domestic” locations. This is also a similar move to Amex Offers – and an unfortunate one.

The Chase Offer for Hyatt Worked on an International Stay

The good news is that I had saved a recent Chase Offer for Hyatt to my card and then just forgot about it (it was set to expire May 30, 2019). We had a recent stay at a Hyatt in Greece and I used my Chase Sapphire Reserve to pay for the cash part of the Points+Cash reservation. I was surprised to receive an e-mail after that said that I had successfully redeemed the Chase Offer for Hyatt.

chase offer hyatt

The offer details specify that “stay at any domestic Hyatt and earn 15% back on your purchase…”. I am not sure why this particular offer worked for me on an international stay. I do know the charge was processed as being from “Hyatt” so maybe that information is what triggered it, not the location. The charge was run in Euros so it definitely would have showed as a foreign transaction.

So, here are the data points:

  • Charge was in Euros
  • Stay was in Greece
  • Charge shows as “Hyatt”
  • Stay was at a Hyatt Regency
  • Card was the Chase Sapphire Reserve

I certainly am not complaining as that was a happy surprise for me! I did want to provide this data point as I had not seen anything about these working outside the US(and this was the first Hyatt offer I had with Chase). If you have saved these offers, make sure you are using that card even if you are abroad as you may be surprised as well!

Have you noticed similar Chase Offers working outside the US?

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