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Early Black Friday Deal! Stack Deals for Great Savings on Lenovo

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Written by Charlie

Lenovo is having an early Black Friday sale and you can stack deals for huge discounts on many quality computers! Get some Black Friday shopping done now!

If you are in the market for a new computer, check out this early Black Friday sale from Lenovo. It expires tonight so you will need to act soon. But, if you can’t/don’t want to wait until the actual Black Friday, these deals may be worth it!

Stack Deals for Great Savings with Lenovo’s Early Black Friday Sale

black friday sale

Link: Lenovo’s Early Black Friday Sale

Here is what you will need to take advantage of this sale (which ends November 5 at 11:59PM ET).

Step 1 – Save Amex Offer

black friday sale

There is a Lenovo Amex Offer currently on all of my cards that came out last month. Here are the details about it:

  • Get a one-time $60 statement credit by using your enrolled Card to spend a minimum of $300+ in one or more transactions
  • Valid online at
  • Expires 11/16/2017
  • Not valid for the Outlet
  • Only valid for the US

So, you will get $60 back if you save this offer to your Amex card and use that card to buy something that costs $300 or more (even if it is over multiple transactions).


You can use multiple credit cards at checkout! That means you can get $60 off for every card you have if you split it up for $300 per card! That is a great savings on top of the rest of this!

Step 2 – Shopping Portal

Check the list here at Cashback Monitor for the best options. TopCashBack is at 4% cash back so that is a great place to consider.

You could also consider going through United for 2 miles per dollar so it counts towards the big 5,000 mile bonus you could earn for spending a total of $1,500 over the next couple of weeks.

Step 3 – Lenovo Black Friday Sale

To get to this part, you will want to have gone through a portal first. Once you are there, use the menu bar at the top to access ALL DEALS and you will be brought to the Black Friday Sale page. There are a lot of nice deals on there. I have never owned a Lenovo but have heard some fantastic things over the past couple of years. If you are a Lenovo-fan, check it out!


If you are not yet an e-mail subscriber, you can signup for their email newsletter and get a coupon for up to $100 off!

Putting it Together

There are some nice deals available. If you get a $600 computer, you will have the savings from the Black Friday sale that brings it down to $600 and then another $120 back from Amex (if you use two cards). Then, you can get 4% cashback. That equals another $24 off.

In the end, pre-tax, you will have paid $456 for a computer that might normally cost $700 or more!

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    • At checkout, you can use multiple credit cards. Save the Amex offer to separate cards by duplicating your browser window, selecting different cards, and then saving it to each card. Then, use both cards with the multiple option at checkout.