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Ever Wonder About Traveling In 112 Degree Weather? Find Out!

112 degrees
Written by Charlie

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to travel in 112 degree weather? How about running in that weather? Find out this Monday!

As I wrote not too long ago, I will be heading to Abu Dhabi Monday for a day of hunting out a route/training in the heat for my big 6 marathons on 6 continents in less than 5 days. I have been training in upper 90s/lower 100s weather all summer long (with not very good humidity) but figured it would be good to get back into 110+ degree weather for some extra training as well!

I ran in Death Valley as a pacer/crew member for a friend of mine doing the grueling Badwater 135 (135 miles from the floor of Death Valley to Mt. Whitney in July) so have had some experience in 120+ degree running. But, this will be a little more difficult given that the humidity can play a factor in the weather difference. When I run my event there in September, the weather should be a little better but this will just make sure I can deal with it at the hottest I would have to run in.

Ever Wonder About Traveling In 112 Degree Heat? How About Running In It?!

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112 degrees

The forecast for Monday in Abu Dhabi!

Which brings me to the run on Monday! I will be doing at least 26 miles on Monday in Abu Dhabi in the 112 degree weather. It will be a test run for me, but not just for the miles and heat. I will be trying out Periscope (live video) as well as putting out my live tracking up for all to see! It will show my position, pace, all sorts of fun data!

  • Date – August 17th
  • Location – Abu Dhabi
  • Approx. Temperature – 112 Degrees!
  • Starting Time – 12:00PM (4AM ET) Tentatively

Since I will be using Periscope during my run, you will get the chance to catch some live video updates and interact with me! Ask me any questions you may want to about the run, miles/points, Abu Dhabi, the temperatures – have some fun!


Wounded Warrior Project Fundraising Link

One more thing – I am doing my big event do raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project. I will be doing Monday’s run as a mini-fundraiser. I would love to be pushed by having any of you donate throughout the day. It will give me an increased boost and strength to keep pushing every time I see that amount go up. Of course, 100% of what you give goes to them – I get nothing from your donation.

Look for and use the hashtag – #runinthesun4vets – on Monday as I post. Try to get the word out for friends and family so they can help with this great charity to help our wounded warriors. I know I am grateful for their sacrifice and this is one way we can show that gratitude.

112 degree weather

Let’s get this number up Monday!

Amount Per Mile

Who know exactly how many miles I will go on Monday! My goal is 26.2 but it may be less or more depending on arrival time and weather. So, maybe consider giving a certain amount for every mile I run! That would be great! If you leave a comment with that and the amount per mile, it would go a long way to pushing me further!

No matter what, Monday should be a fun day. True, it will be a tough run for me, but it will be fun to interact with you. So, please chime in on Twitter or Periscope on Monday to help me out! I will be running much slower than my normal marathon pace to account for the weather and because this is training so I should have plenty of opportunities to pull out my phone and communicate!

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  • I do not have to wonder, Charlie…

    …when I stepped off of the airplane at the international airport in Cairo in the afternoon, it was 112 degrees Fahrenheit, according to the same source you apparently use: AccuWeather.

    I intend to post a trip report of that in a future article. Meanwhile, take care of yourself when running in that heat…

    • Thanks, Brian! Amazing how that heat hits you! I was in Cairo this last week and, while not that hot, it was 104 and humid. I can deal with heat all day long, but the problem for me is humidity. I would much rather run in 100 degree weather with less than 10% humidity than 70 degree weather with 70% humidity.
      I look forward to reading that report!

  • I was in Dubai this time of year in 2009. The heat and humidity was brutal. Be safe and make sure to stay hydrated! It’s too bad we’re missing each other in Abu Dhabi by a day.