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Here is the Awesome Plane that Hall of Famer Peyton Manning Flew to the Super Bowl

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Check out more photos of the private jet Peyton Manning flew in to the Super Bowl! Plus, find out more details about this awesome plane!

Yesterday was Super Bowl LV and many football stars – former and current – made their way to see the game in person. Some of them were the 2021 Hall of Fame inductees, one of which was the quarterback great, Peyton Manning. How he traveled to the Super Bowl became something of interest to many as the photo of him and his son inside a spectacular private jet made the social media rounds. Here is a look at this incredible plane and how Peyton came to be on it.

The Beautiful Private Jet Peyton Manning Flew to the Super Bowl

To start, the plane is a recent acquisition by Jim Irsay, the owner of the Indianapolis Colts. It is not the team plane – they have a more ordinary plane for that. This Boeing 737 jet is part of the Colt’s corporation and one that Jim Irsay would fly on.

Yes, Jim Irsay is the former boss/owner that Peyton Manning had played for but not in his final seasons. For the majority of Peyton Manning’s career, he was an Indianapolis Colt before heading to finish out his storied career playing for the Denver Broncos and winning a Super Bowl with them at Super Bowl 50. Even though his final games were not as a Colt, Irsay apparently was only too happy to have Peyton Manning fly to be inducted to the Pro Hall of Fame in the lap of the Colt’s airplane.

So, what about the plane itself? It was delivered to the company that holds the registration for N101TD (the registration of the Boeing 737) back in April of 2020. Before that, it was registered to a South African company by the name of Toerama. The owner of the plane at the time was a South African billionaire by the name of Steinhoff Christo Wiese. It was built in 1998 and refurbished in 2017.

This particular aircraft has a lounge, a bedroom with a shower, carries 18 passengers and has 2 dining tables. Here are some photos of the aircraft when it was available for sale before Jim Irsay had it purchased. Pretty great looking way to fly – especially to be inducted into the Pro Hall of Fame!

a drawing of a bus

The floor plan of the plane that flew Peyton Manning

a large white airplane with many white couches

a white chairs in a plane

a large white couches and tables in a plane

a bed with pillows and a wood headboard

two beds in a room

a glass door in a bathroom

the cockpit of an airplane

And, lastly, a look at the cockpit!

Featured image from Brandon Stokely via Twitter

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  • Was it Irsay or his father who moved the Baltimore Colts to Indianapolis, having the moving trucks come in the middle of the night?

    They deserve Indianapolis.