2020 Summer Olympics

Here is the Tokyo Olympics “Playbook” to Deal with Covid-19

Written by Charlie

With those in charge saying the Olympics will definitely go on, here is a look at the Tokyo Olympics Playbook to help those traveling to Japan to know what to expect.

The Tokyo Olympics, according the Japanese Olympic President, will be going ahead this summer – no matter what. How this translates to the actual events and the people that will be allowed to be there remains to be seen but we now have a look at the first “Playbook” that shares what is known and steps to mitigate the Covid-19 virus.

The Tokyo Olympics “Playbook” for Covid-19

Link: Tokyo Olympics Playbook

At a cost of over $15 billion (at present), Japan is definitely wanting to see their Tokyo Olympics take place. This means a much different Olympics than the world viewed in 2016 and each time before that.

However, the International Olympic Committee and Japan have put out the first of several Playbooks that are meant to help those participants know what will be expected of them and what measures will be taken against Covid-19.

Some of the Steps Being Taken

Here are the 4 “principles” being issued for Olympic participants:

In addition, the Playbook says that those that will be in Japan should “support athletes by clapping and not singing or chanting” as well as “ventilate rooms and common spaces every 30 minutes.”

However, some more of their health guidelines are actually a little more lax than many other countries (especially in Europe) as in this one “wear a mask at all times, unless outside and two metres away from others.” So, you won’t need a mask outside unless someone is within the 2 meters – which probably means that you would likely need to wear a mask at all times. The exception would be likely those athletes warming up and participating.

The participants will also only be allowed to use particular transportation – public transportation should not be used. Participants will also be assigned to specific “movement” plans where people will only be able to go where they are allowed per their individual playbooks.

What is missing from the Playbook is that Japan will not require a quarantine or a vaccine for those participants entering Japan.

Besides the participants, it will remain to see how much Japan will open up for people from all over the world. It will definitely be a very different Olympics than Tokyo thought when they won their bid for the 2020 Summer Olympics…

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