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The 2021 Tokyo Olympics Will Happen No Matter What

Written by Charlie

No matter what, the 2021 Tokyo Olympics will be happening next year, according to the Japanese minister. Here is the information about that and what is happening with the facilities in the meantime.

In a huge move due to the coronavirus, the 2020 Summer Olympics had been postponed until 2021. Obviously, this was a good choice, especially at the time, since it was unknown what the international travel conditions would be like and how the quarantines would be handled for the athletes.

2021 Tokyo Olympics Will Happen No Matter What

Plus, there was the huge issue of the millions of tourists potentially not being able to travel to Japan. With the Tokyo Olympics already being the most expensive yetaccording to a study (without even taking into account the moving of it until 2021), Japan needs those tourist dollars to help recoup their expenditures.

In the meantime, the venue operators are now renting out the Olympic venues. While Olympic venues are often used for some events post-Olympics, this is a unique opportunity for athletes and trainers to get a chance to use them before the Olympics – way before! There is even some thought that they may even open up these facilities to the public as well, all in an attempt to both bring in money for what would otherwise be empty facilities while also keeping the Japanese people’s interest high for the games.

Now, the Japanese Olympic minister has stated that the the 2021 Olympics will take place “at any cost.” This is a strong statement from them but certainly understandable since the IOC has said that if they do not take place next year, they will just be outright canceled. This would be a huge blow to Japan after all the money and time that has gone in to putting on what could likely be some of the most organized games and events in a long time.

However, a poll of 13,000 Japanese people showed that 53.6% of them would like the games either canceled or postponed. Again, Japan says these games will happen no matter what next year, and that means even if there is not a vaccine available. It could be a very different Olympic games if travel does not pick up again, which could help the television networks even more if people are not able to attend.

At any rate, if you have tickets still for the Olympic games, if you are allowed in Japan, it does look like Japan will host them for sure next year. For the Japanese government to make statements like this while in the midst of this situation, it shows that they understand what could be the case compared to now and they are willing to do whatever it takes to make sure the games happen.

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  • The statement is pretty hollow because there is no telling if COVID will get worse with winter coming. I find it kind of comical that anyone would believe anything any politicians say now as it relates to travel. Just look at the disaster in Hawaii of them constantly rolling back the date when it will allow people to come in without quarantining.

    It used to be a huge positive to have your city selected for the Olympics and with the uncertainty of what might happen in the future, it’s looked at more like a liability.