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One Way to Get Better, Targeted Amex Bonuses

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Written by Charlie

Targeted Amex bonuses are sometimes the best as they are higher than public offers. Here is one way that you might be able to get these targeted bonuses.

There is no question that American Express has tightened things up for customers who like to get cards over and over again. They are really trying to appeal more to the new customer lately and that means many of us are left without the nice targeted Amex bonuses we might be used to. But, I recently noticed one way that you can get better, targeted Amex bonuses that may help you.

One Way to Get Better, Targeted Amex Bonuses

First of all, while all the Amex offers you will see online have the language that you cannot get the bonus if you already had the card, some targeted Amex bonuses still are open with the language. So, check your offer to see if you are excluded or not as there are many times you might be ok!

Stop Spending – Then Spend Big

If you are like me, there are certain Amex cards we keep for the benefits or maybe for the Amex Offers that we get. This means that there are many times we do not spend on these cards and that is a good thing! Here is why:

My wife has a card that we almost never spend on unless it is an Amex Offer or something small like that. It is a no fee card so we do not close it. But, recently, I ran a large purchase on that card as I was testing something.

100K Business Platinum Offer

Sure enough, a few weeks later, she received an offer at the top of her account for an American Express Platinum Business card. It was for 100,000 Membership Reward points (spend $5,000 for the first 50,000 points and then spend another $5,000 for the other 50,000 points – all within 3 months). The language on the offer said that, due to her spending (around $5,000), she might find this card more useful.

I went and checked out the offer and saw that it did not say that she would not be eligible for the offer if she had the card before. But, stupid me – I left the page, it expired, and the offer did as well.

75K Business Rewards Gold

The next time I signed in her account, it offered the Business Rewards Gold card for 75,000 Membership Reward points after spending $5,000 in 3 months. This also did not have the language excluding previous cardholders.

Now, this offer is available using the incognito browser and refreshing the regular offer from time to time so it is nothing new. But, she did not receive it targeted to her account until after she had spent a lot on the card after it was dormant and after she “turned down” the Platinum offer.

What To Do?

So, if you have an Amex card that you have not done any spending on in a while (or maybe not much) and you really want to get better targeted Amex bonuses, consider running a big purchase or so through the card and see what pops up in your American Express account after the charge posts. It should display near the top of the information window in a gray box.

I do not know if this will work for everyone but it did work for us and hopefully it will help some of you to get these better targeted Amex bonuses as well!

But if you do get them – do not click on them until you are ready to apply or else they will disappear!

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