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New TripIt Features: Great International Tools for Trips and Neighborhood Safety Scores

tripit features
Written by Charlie

The TripIt travel app is getting even smarter and more helpful! These new TripIt features give you all the great tools you need for your next international trip right inside your trip notes! This release also gives you neighborhood safety scores for your trip plans so you know which areas are safe for your travel.

TripIt is my go-to app for travel plans. They have made a ton of improvements over the past year – for both the free version and the TripIt Pro subscription (the differences between the free and paid versions). These updates have made it easier to share itineraries with fellow Apple users with a constantly updating iMessage (great tool since it updates based on the flight and dynamically updates as you make changes to the trip) as well as giving real-time airport security timing.

Sure, there are other apps that provide similar functionality (and Google Trips is actually getting really good) but it actually requires quite a few apps to do everything that TripIt does in one app. Since I value the economy of effort and time, TripIt Pro continues to be my travel app of choice.

New TripIt Features: Great International Tools for Trips and Neighborhood Safety Scores

Link: TripIt Pro (using this link saves you 20% off the annual subscription fee of $49)

Today, TripIt is announcing new features that will help travelers to be able to refer to TripIt for even more in their travels. One of these features is available for the free version while the other is only for the Pro subscription.

International Tools

How many of you search for what type of plug is required for an upcoming country you are visiting? While much of the world operates with 220 volts at 50Hz for power, there are some other countries outside of the US that use 110 as well so that is another thing to check.

new tripit features

The new travel tools for TripIt Pro

TripIt Pro has you covered with that and more. Here are the new international tools that will be available for your trips (covering 180 countries):

  • Embassy information
  • Currency conversions
  • Socket and plug requirements
  • Tipping advice

None of those things are things you cannot find without a quick search on the internet but the key is that these are all available inside the same app that keeps track of your travel plans and trips – and it easily accessible within that trip.

Here is what it looks like in the new update for TripIt Pro:


Fun fact about tipping – did you know it can be an actual insult in some countries to tip? In other countries, tipping is basically emptying a few pieces of change on to the table before leaving (I still haven’t found a country that tips me for eating at their restaurant!). As Americans, we are not accustomed to that! Now, TripIt can help you to tip like a pro. 🙂

Neighborhood Security Scores

In addition to the new travel tools for international trips, TripIt is also releasing neighborhood security scores. This is a ranking of 1 to 100 and available to all TripIt users (in the free version). This tool is designed to help you identify areas of your travels that rank higher for metrics pointing to a safer, more secure area.

new TripIt features

The new Neighborhood Safety Score feature in TripIt

These scores cover a variety of categories, such as women’s safety, access to health and medical services, and political freedoms. Travelers will find safety scores for their lodging, restaurant and activity locations within their TripIt app. This means these scores will be available for activities you have already added to your trip plans, not something you can just randomly search (at this time).

This can be very comforting to travelers that are visiting a new area for the first time or that want to see if a restaurant or meeting point in your itinerary is in a safe place.

Here is what it looks like in the app:


I spoke with Jen Moyse, director of product for TripIt, a couple of weeks ago to ask some questions about these new features and to get a live demo. I have to say, I continue to be impressed with the work the TripIt team is doing to make TripIt be the Swiss Army knife for the traveler. The team with TripIt is filled with travelers as well and they know the things that they want to help them out.

Here is what Jen has to say about these new features:

Neighborhood Safety Score

You have enough to think about when traveling, from booking your hotel to making your connecting flight. The last thing you want to worry about is the safety of the area you’re visiting. Whether you’ve been there before, or you’re traveling someplace new, we’ll tell you what to expect before you arrive.”

International Travel Tools

Traveling internationally brings a unique set of challenges that often require hours of research before a trip,” continued Moyse. “We’ve put all of this information right alongside your travel plans to save you time as you’re navigate the nuances of the country you’re visiting.”

I have no affiliate relationship with TripIt and receive nothing from them – I am simply a very happy, long-time user that enjoys what TripIt has done for my travels!

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