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New Cathay Pacific First Class Concepts – Very Cool Look!

Written by Charlie

Here is a look at a new Cathay Pacific first class concept for the coming Boein 777-9X aircraft. Do you think this would be a significant upgrade for the airline?

Even though Cathay Pacific’s first class cabin could not rival some of its competitors with the flashiness and bling, it has been a steady product for years now with a great deal of space and comfort in an understated style. Add to that the incredible food and attentive but not intrusive service and you have a great first class product. But, here is a look at a concept that has been shortlisted for their new first class aboard the Boeing 777-9X and a refit on their 777-300ER.

New Cathay Pacific First Class Concepts

When I first stepped into Cathay Pacific first class back in 2013, I was blown away by the space that was present in the first class “seat” area. Not only was my little part of the aircraft quite spacious but the seat itself was very wide to allow for a good deal of comfort for the very long JFK to Hong Kong flight.

Even though Cathay Pacific had a slight upgrade back in 2017, the cabin itself has not seen a real upgrade in quite a while but that could change soon with the introduction of their new Boeing 777-9X aircraft. A company by the name of Yellow Window has rolled out their idea of what the new first class should look like and these concepts have been shortlisted by Cathay Pacific so there is a chance that this could be what it looks a lot like.

Here is what Yellow Window has to say about their overall design:

Yellow Window designed a first-class on-board experience to enjoy for the duration of a long-haul flight inspired by a revisited Asian culture and a subtle quest for balance and harmony: “Asian Harmony & Care”.

The concept of the “Asian Harmony & Care” experience is applied by considering all the passengers’ senses in order to amaze and delight them during the flight and ensure well-being and physical regeneration afterwards. The relationship with each passenger is personalized, and their profile and reasons for travelling are included in a database to create a tailored environment (temperature, sound, light, smell, taste, etc.) taking into account their expectations and physiological balance.

The cabin design is based on a concept of “metamorphosis” and the first-class suite must be able to offer different spaces for different points in the journey, becoming a lounge, an office, a dining room and a bedroom.”

Here is what all of that translates to in actual photos. Will this be what the new Cathay Pacific first class looks like? I guess we will find out in the coming years! See more photos here.

From Yellow Window

From Yellow Window – another variation of their concept

From Yellow Window

From Yellow Window

So, what do you think? Would this be an option you want to see in the new Cathay Pacific first class? Does it keep with the Cathay Pacific overall feel?

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