Mega Giveaway – Day 2! Kindle, Fire Stick, and GoGo Pass

Written by Charlie

Mega Giveaway Day 1 Winners

Thanks to all who entered yesterday! I really appreciate all the kind comments – they really meant a lot! It also made me want to reward you all, but that could not happen. 🙂

So, here are the winners from yesterday’s giveaway (and they have been contacted – if your name is on this list and you did not receive the e-mail, please contact me):

Winner #1

Mega Giveaway

Winner #2

Mega Giveaway

Winner #3

Mega Giveaway

Congrats to you three and thanks to all who entered.

Mega Giveaway – Day 2!

But, we are not done! Everyone can enter again today for today’s prizes! Remember, each day’s entries only count for that day’s prizes. Everyone is eligible to enter and win any of the prizes on any of the days! Today, we have another GoGo in-flight internet pass, another Amazon Fire Stick, and (new for today) a new Amazon Kindle Touchscreen!

For today, the comment should mention the best deal (or one of the best) you have ever had. It can be travel related, shopping related, anything along those lines! As a deal hunter, I always enjoy hearing about other deals that people have found. However, if you cannot think of a great deal you have had, any comment will work. 🙂

Each day, I will be giving away three different items. I have a variety of stuff to give away this week and hope that everyone can get some use from it (or give it as a gift to someone who can!). Here is how it will work:

  • Every person can enter up to times per day (so, once per item).
  • Today’s giveaway will run through 11:59PM (ET). If you do not see your entry, do not worry – it is logged and I will approve it.
  • The items given each day will be the ones given to the winners of that day’s giveaway – so, each day is a new chance to win new gear
  • You are only eligible to win one item per day. But, you can enter every day for a chance to win a different item each day.
  • Winners will be chosen using
  • Sorry, but the items that must be shipped will only be shipped to U.S. addresses. If you live outside of the US, please make sure there is an address in the US where it can be shipped to.
  • The decisions made in these giveaways are made by me and me alone. Unless otherwise mentioned, all prizes have been purchased by me.
  • Important: The winners will be contacted in order of random selection to see which item they will want. So, first winner selected will have the first choice and so on.
  • Have fun!

Item #1 – GoGo In-Flight Pass

One of the items being given away today is an in-flight internet pass by GoGo (provided by BoardingArea). This pass is good for a single-use connectivity product on a domestic U.S. flight and does not expire until June 30, 2015.

Item #2 – Amazon Fire Stick

Amazon Fire Stick

The Amazon Fire Stick is Amazon’s latest endeavor to get the Amazon video collection in more homes. Except, it doesn’t just give Amazon video options. It also allows a variety of apps that can be controlled with the included remote. If you are an Amazon Prime member, you can use the stick (connected to your TV) to access the Amazon Prime Video library for free as well as any purchased content. It will also access Netflix and many other video apps. Just plug it in, and use the remote to access all of that info directly on your TV (or your hotel TV!). Retail Price: $39 and currently not shipping from Amazon until January 15, 2015, but of course the winner’s stick will be sent out this week!

Item #3 – Amazon Kindle Touchscreen

Mega Giveaway

I absolutely love my Kindle. I do have a tablet, but it is much nicer reading on the Kindle and the battery just lasts forever! It is one of those devices you can just stick in your pocket/bag/purse and always have entire library at hand.

This Kindle is the newest entry in the Kindle family and brings touch to the equation. With this Kindle, you will also be able to receive access to the Kindle Unlimited program for free for 30 days (I personally view this program as essential for the traveler – as you can see here). It has 4GB of storage which will allow you to store thousands of books on it. The Kindle is really an awesome device and would be perfect for anyone – for yourself or as a gift. Price: $79 – Product Page

Thanks for entering! Check back again tomorrow for the winners and the next set of prizes!

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Charlie has been an avid traveler and runner for many years. He has run in marathons around the world for less than it would cost to travel to the next town - all as a result of collecting and using miles and points. Over the years, he has flown hundreds of thousands of miles and collected millions of miles and points.
Now he uses this experience and knowledge to help others through Running with Miles.


  • Best Deal so far has been round trip from Pensacola, FL to Portland OR first class on US Airways, paid for by the US Airways Mastercard from Barclays (with points to spare). I haven’t made this trip yet, but as I have never flown first class, I am certainly looking forward to it!

  • Just made a spontaneous reservation (changed anniversary plans) with points earned as a result of this blog. Thanks for the giveaways!

  • Best deal was the Hilton Parc Soleil in Orlando for about $90 a night for a very spacious 2 bed/2 bath with a large patio. Great experience for the whole family!

  • The best deal I got was in ~2001 when I got a 16x dvd burner from The list price was ~$300, and after stacking a few coupons + rebate + manufacturer rebate, the total came to $12 shipped. Small potatoes, but 95% off ain’t too shabby!

  • Second best deal (in aggregate) was Black Friday in ~2000 when it was still possible to hit a few stores in the same morning without camping in line for days/weeks. Had CompUSA, Staples, and OfficeMax in the same shopping center, and got somewhere around $1500 worth of products for maybe 10% of that after rebates. I never want to see that many rebate forms again.

  • Third best deal is still in progress since I recently realized the value in credit card sign up bonuses. I certainly can’t complain about earning big points for spending dollars I am going to spend anyway! Definitely beats the 1% back I was getting from WF for years…

  • I got 3 free nights at the Citizen M Hotel at Amsterdam Schiphol airport when it first opened. All I had to do was be one of the first 1000 visitors to their website the month before and choose my dates. It was so easy!

  • Some awesome deals is when OM or OD run $20 off $200 giftcards. You earn free miles and make money in the process!

  • Years ago we flew from North Dakota to Paris for under $500 round trip on a triple mile promo. Used the miles for free trips to Cozumel and elsewhere. Was a great deal…

  • I went shopping at Kohls one year for Black Friday, got a $200+ luggage set for $30 after the sale, coupons, Kohls cash, and rebates. I love deals 😀

  • So many great deals! Just booked a 4 night trip to Vegas/Zion for two for about $250 thanks to the $80 round trip tickets out of Philly and the Orbitz deal on Cyber Monday.

  • Before AA got rid of this, I was able to tack on an almost free oneway with miles to Munich from my Cancun Trip

  • The best “deal” I’ve got was achieving the SW Companion Pass before ever stepping foot on a SW plane.

  • I scored 4 18-pack boxes of fullsize snickers and other candy bars on Target’s mobile site a few weeks prior to Halloween for $10. It was a nice surprise for the kids. Travel related deal would likely be any IHG 5,000 PointBreaker redemption I have done in the past, which is my favorite combined with the 80K offer for the IHG credit card.

  • Best deal I ever got was at Walgreens. Picked up 3 prescriptions and the total was $0.01. Even the cashier couldn’t explain what happened. She had already cancelled and reprocessed through insurance, and it still came out to 1 penny. Congratulations on the birthday/anniversary.

  • Some people hate timeshare presentations but I do them because companies give you great deals. I did one in Vegas for $200 and got a 3 night stay at a nice hotel, show tickets, and meal vouchers plus hotel points.

  • I think the best deal ever was back in Northwest Airlines days: our family had flights for a vacation to Boston. The airline called and asked us to take a later flight — they were overbooked — received $300 x 5 in credit. The same thing happened for our return flight and we received another $1500. We used the credit to take our family to Europe the next summer.

  • My recent best deal was hitting up the Reebok 40% off site wide sale. Made for some crazy deals with items already on sale STACKED with the amex promo STACKED with a 10% shopping portal!

  • I once rented a car for less than $10 a day and recouped the cost with the miles I earned, essentially making the rental free

  • Best deal I ever had was getting the Citi AAdvantage Executive Mastercard when it was offering 100k miles! Was able to take care of first class flights to Hawaii for my honeymoon!

  • The best deal I have ever gotten was actually a cruise that I got my kids free on. We ended up invited my brother and his wife and my niece. It ended up being the best vacation ever.

  • Last year, my wife and I flew from Wilmington, DE to Chicago, IL for under $100 roundtrip each on Frontier. Normally, I wouldn’t be excited about a cheap flight on Frontier, but the fact that the flight dates worked perfectly over Christmas/New Years is what made this such a good deal for us.

  • I got 17,077 Krisflyer miles for a one month Lifelock subscription. That’s over a quarter of a Singapore Suite Class ticket for about $9!

  • Another awesome reoccurring deal is the sears points promos. We were needing a new snowblower this year, so I used shopping portals and point back items to rack up quite a few miles in addition to a bunch of “free” gifts to give to family members this year and then used the SYW points to pay for the snowblower.

  • I got in on the fuel dump earlier this year from Newark to Milan. So that was $200 each to direct from New York to Italy.

  • Also, just recently had ebay stack a 10% off when paying with paypal PLUS 10% back in points on purchases. Bought a bunch of already discount gift cards at an awesome price!

  • The best deal was the Delta mistake fare last Boxing Day. I booked 2 flights to my friend’s wedding in Montana for about $25. The cost would have been around $800 each!

  • The best deal was booking a W with points only to be reimbursed all of it since they had to delay checkin by 6 hours. We went out, explored and came back to a free suite nights!

  • I did well on Small Business Saturday, which is really a great deal if you do a few minutes of preparation a couple of weeks out.

  • A great deal was the AA Executive MC signup for 100K earlier this year— not just the offer, but the fact you could churn multiple times!

  • Lots of great deals, but probably the best was the opportunity several years ago. Spent a month flying back and forth to Vegas – flights and rooms all free – and earned top tier status with airline in the process.

  • The best deal I ever got was when I used 9000 Starwood points to stay at the Tucson Sheraton for three days and got upgraded to the Presidential Suite during my first ever stay at a Starwood hotel.

  • Best travel deal – RT flight from San Antonio – Mexico City -Santiago- Easter Island-San Antonio for $500!
    We had time to explore the Teotihuacan and the Frida Kahlo house in Mexico city, 3 nights in Santiago to explore the Andes and 3 nights in Easter Island to see the Moais. One of the most amazing trips ever and possibly best $500 spent!

  • Best deal I ever had was flying Pluna from AEP to MVD to position for an AA flight to Miami. Flight was delayed for 5 hours, which would have made me miss my flight. I played my pity card and explained to the check-in agents how I would have been late for my sister’s wedding and that I was the groomsman, so they used their magic powers and managed to book me a paid ticket from EZE to MIA for which I got miles, had my original flight miles redeposited on my account and they reimbursed me for my 60 dollar Pluna flight. No wonder they went bankrupt…

  • Second best ever travel deal was a Spirit flight from LAS to FLL for $13 O/W. Sure it was Spirit, but my wife and I both booked an entire row for less than $40 and just slept the whole flight. Then spent two days in the Keys and flew back where we got upgraded to an exit row for free as well.

  • The best deal I got was in the US Airways Grandslam contest a few years ago. I got well over 100,000 DividendMiles for about $100. Sure miss the Grandslam!

  • Best Deal: 2 free nights at the Park Hyatt Vendome for signing up for the Hyatt Card. Saved over $2000.00 based on room rates at time of booking.

  • A certain blogger (hint hint) posted a deal where you could get a Kindle fire hdx for half off yesterday. I got in in that one, thank you! That’s one of the better shopping deals I got in on. The amazing fire stick would certainly be a nice companion to the new tablet.

  • Best deal has been two nights at the Hilton Park Lane for free with Citi Hilton Visa free night certificates! The rooms were over $500 that night, so saved over $1,000!

  • earlier this year at office max where you got $15 off each gift card when you went over $200 (or maybe it was $300). I had a lot of $50 gc to load afterwards!

  • earlier this year at office max where you got $15 off each gift card when you went over $200 (or maybe it was $300). I had a lot of $50 gc to load to Kate afterwards!

  • Free night from IHG visa that I used in Key West on a very expensive weekend! Free night a meant more money for drinks on the Keys!

  • Also, southwest companion pass the past couple years (wife and I switching years) has saved us an incredible amount of money!

  • Could definitely get some Christmas shopping done now btwn trips if i were to win! Congrats on the anniversary

  • the best deal ever? FUK-NAN 12,500 UA miles each way!!! such a great deal!

    all in for the Kindle! fire me up!

  • Not a “great” deal but the PS Vita bundle I got for $189 last year has made travel much more enjoyable!

  • Have to give a shout out to the park hyatt milan. stayed there for free with my Hyatt credit card, and they upgraded me to the sweetest suite I’ve ever stayed in!

  • This spring I got my husband an economy ticket from Boston to Chennai on US Airways miles. He flew British Airways on the most efficient route possible (<24 hrs rt) it cost 90,000 or 110,000 (i can't remember) and about $100 because the US Airways system hadn't updated to include the BA taxes yet. Even better, we didn't know that was the case. It was just a pleasant surprise!

  • One of the best deals was the Amex transfer bonus to get Delta MQM’s. Too bad that’s not been repeated since.

  • Domestically, I actually like using miles to fly to small airports that tend to cost a bundle. In the past year I’ve flown to State College, PA (usually around $400 rt), Peoria, IL (last minute $600 rt) and Jackson Hole, WY ($800) for the minimum domestic milage cost. I also like the Jet Blue and Southwest use of miles a lot, but it’s not exactly a deal.

  • I’ve never done this but there are Marriott vacation packages you can take advantage of that will get you a Companion Pass and a free week and a Marriott

  • Went to the Nike employee’s store in Portland curtosy of a friend who was working there. A deal finder’s paradise! It’s a giant Nike store filled with all their brands and latest items and everything is about 50% off.

  • Best deal was access to Am Ex Centurion lounge @ SFO! Spectacular lunch & drinks. Will probably convince me to keep my platinum card @ $450.

  • Best deal I ever had is $100 off for $100 and more hotel booking on Orbitz! Got a hotel room for almost free! And it would be nice if I could win the kindle.

  • My best travel deal for this year had to be the $85 Frontier flights to DC and then using the Club Carlson card for two free nights hotel. Great cheap trip for $85 plus food costs.

  • So my sweet hubs is THE bargain shopper extraordinaire! He literally saves 60-70% each time he goes grocery shopping! Yes, is is a bit of a saint & does most are shopping… love him! Thanks for the amazing chances… seriously RAD guys!

  • Oh the Kindle looks awesome!! My best bargain deal was my camera I purchased for basically 50% off when all was said & done! Rebate + Black Friday sale YO!!

  • I was able to also purchase a new Play Station 4 bundle for my hubby this year at like $200 off! He will be a very happy boy!

  • Best deal I every had was Avianca Lifemiles recent promotion to purchase miles. I needed to add enough miles to have a trip to south america and it costed me only $800.

  • Best deal I’ve gotten is a trip to Asia in first class on ANA, thai airways, and Asiana first for only 120,000 miles that I earned through credit card spend!

  • Has to be the free one-way domestic flight, tacked onto the end of a United award international round trip itinerary. This year alone, I’ve had a free flight to Phoenix and San Francisco!

  • Upper Deck award tickets to NZ with my Mom on a 747, I loved the toybox next to me for storage!! I could use a kindle!

  • Not sure how this happened, but we did not question it – purchased 2 coach tickets to Barcelona, used a flight voucher which reduced total amount due to $80 and then used an upgrade certificate to fly first class!

  • Best deal was 25K UAL miles for the wife and I to leave Vegas. Yeah, it was a lot of miles (50K), but we had the BEST flight ever. So, maybe that qualifies….

  • Orbitz offered a special some years back for a 4-night reservation at Hooters hotel in LV for just over $30 prepaid during the summer. Incredible bargain on paper; was regretting the atrocious property (both hospitality and cleanliness) just one day into my stay…

  • Best deal I ever had is $100 off for $100 and more hotel booking on Orbitz! Got a hotel room for almost free! And it would be nice if I could win the kindle.

  • Best deal would have to be an IHG PointBreaks hotel in the same city where we were having a family reunion.

  • Best deal I ever had is $100 off for $100 and more hotel booking on Orbitz! Got a hotel room for almost free! And it would be nice if I could win the kindle to keep me entertained from long hour flight.

  • I consider anything free the best deals! So I would say small business Saturday was one of the best deals for me 🙂

  • The Expedia $100 off $100 cyber monday deal. You were able to break up your reservation into 1 night stays and get the $100 off each night.

  • Best deal was getting a husband who travels for work, and I get to travel a lot and stay in nice hotels with the points he earns 🙂
    Amazon Fire Stick!

  • Ritz-Carlton credit card:
    $395 yearly fee
    $300 per year airline incidental
    140,000 Marriott points sign-up
    Times 2 with wife’s card

    Convert 280,000 points to 7 nights and 110,000 Southwest miles

    ~2 years Southwest Companion Pass
    110,000 Southwest miles
    $1200 airline incidentals
    7 nights Marriott vacation
    1 year unlimited Lounge Club visits
    ~$5000 benefits
    less $790 annual fee
    = Good Deal!

  • Using club Carlson points in Norway – free amazing breakfasts (doubled as lunch) and buy one night get one free on points!

  • My best deal was on a Marriott property in Orlando via a “Look No Further” challenge – I managed to get the rate down to $12.50 / night (stayed 4 nights) and I was even upgraded to a Jacuzzi suite!

  • Back in the day, I joined the Wardair Frequent Flyer Programme. I flew to the UK from Toronto during their 3x bonus period. Which gave me enough points for a free return flight on Thai Airways from Toronto to Seattle for a conference. And those were the days of no fuel charges, etc. Teenage me was thrilled!

  • Attempting to attend the NYT Travel Show next month on the cheap. Already booked transportation to NYC and the total cost was $3.50.