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Maximize Your Miles With The Together Accounts From Aegean Airlines

Written by Charlie

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Aegean Airlines made some pretty big shifts on November 24, one of the big ones that affected Gold members around the world was moving to a more typical qualifying period for elite status. No longer can you simply credit one flight every 3 years to continue status. Now, you need to qualify every year. But, the qualification requirements are not that bad if you already have Aegean Gold status.

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The New Together Accounts With Aegean Airlines

With the changes came some pretty good ones. One of them is the new Together account. It is a system that allows you to invite up to 5 friends or family members to join in a single award account. All award miles earned by members go right into the Together account. It is a great way to build up your Aegean account to get more award miles for some of the uses that may have been just out of reach before. In the case of my family, I am the only one who has elite status in an alliance airline. It is somewhat of a waste for them to credit the few paid flights they do take to their own accounts as they will not accrue anything of great measure. But, with the new Together option, I can have all of them pool their miles into my account.

The Together account, while allowing award miles to accrue, does not pool the elite miles earned by the Together participants. The elite miles stay with the member who does the flying. So, if a member does enough flying to earn elite status on his/her own, those miles all count for their own elite status. In the meantime, the award miles still pool in the Together account.

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Setting Up A Together Account

To setup your Together account, login to your Miles + Bonus account – here.

Together AccountOnce you activate the Together account, you can send a Together invitation to any members you like. They will need their own Miles + Bonus number first since you will use that to invite them. Once they accept, they are instantly put into the Together account. Both parties receive e-mail notifications throughout the process.

Important Note

One thing to know – once you setup the Together account, you will automatically be given a new account number and password for the Together account. Once that account is setup, all of the miles from your current account are transferred to the new Together account. That means that your regular Miles + Bonus account will be depleted of the award miles. So, save that e-mail that comes with the Together login information. You will need that account number and password to book award reservations out of.

Together account


That’s it! Once the account is setup, you can book any awards out of the account that you want. You only need the account number and passcode. This is really a great way to accrue some serious mileage in an account that could be a nice alternative to the new United Airlines.

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  • do you know what happens if the member you invited in together account remains inactive? does that mean that 1k bonus transferred to together account will be forfeited?

    what is the rule for members? do they need to at least fly 1 *A segment?

    • That is a good question. I signed up my family and added them to the together account and saw the bonus miles transferred (from signing up), before any flight was taken. So, I would imagine that the miles would stay in the together account unless you deactivated the member.

  • Is the travel together account a feature of the British site and not US site? Can’t get that same option to open the account.