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Is This What Beaches Will Look Like for the 2020 Summer Season?

Written by Charlie

With many countries continuing to be closed, many are wondering what will happen to the massive summer season for beach destinations. Could this be the answer?

With tourism and travel practically at a halt all over the world, we are now approaching the time of year that is huge for tourist destinations. These destinations include such beautiful places like Italy, Spain, Greece and many more. But, with the coronavirus still a force and social distancing in play, what will happen with the 2020 summer season?

Is this the Answer for a 2020 Summer Beach Season?

It is not all about the tourists either! While hotels, hospitality programs and airlines would love for tourists to start traveling in the next few months, beaches in southern Europe and elsewhere are also insanely popular with the locals. Even though summer tourist season may be canceled for many, locals will still want to get out to the beaches.

The Nuova Neon Group 2 plexiglass solution for beaches

An Italian company, Nuova Neon Group, recently came up with their own solution to the beach problem. It involves plexiglass cubicles that would be 2 meters high (just over 6 feet) and 4 to 5 meters long (from 13 – 19 feet). These cubicles would satisfy any social distancing rules in place!

In Testing

These beach solutions have already been tested in the Romagna Riviera region in Italy. Countries like Greece and Spain will definitely watch with some interest to see if this will actually be cost-effective and overall efficient.

Oh, the Cost!

Yes, the cost would be a significant challenge for countries and businesses that are already at a loss for money due to the coronavirus pandemic. But, I could still see some beaches rolling something like this out for their country people to be able to enjoy at least some of summer.

The restaurant/beach solution | Courtesy of Nuova Neon Group 2

The company has actually been getting requests from restaurant owners and beach managers for this product so there will likely be some around and about. The company is also working on other dividers to help various industries to still have social distancing while allowing people to live their lives in public.

The gym solution | Courtesy of Nuova Neon Group 2

Will It Actually Happen?

Those in the US really cannot grasp it but the lockdown situation in European countries, especially countries like Italy, Spain, Greece, and France have been incredibly tough. When the measures start rolling out to let people resume their lives, it will be the time that many locals would head for the seaside. In Greece, that is pretty much from the end of July until late August, especially the week around August 15. So, I could see something like this making its way to many beaches!

Source: Greece Reporter

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  • The gym setup? Sure.
    The beach setup? No way. At least in the states(unless there are severe outbreaks. Even then, they would likely be closed again if that were to happen).
    Anyway, erecting some clear plexiglass around everyone at the beach would be broiling hot and totally defeat the purpose. Without a breeze the beach is a sandy parking lot. Some beaches in the US are open NOW(right or wrong) so by the summer I highly doubt this set-up is even considered by then.