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Hyatt’s Sweeping New Loyalty Program

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Written by Charlie

The new Hyatt elite program is coming soon – and there are some major changes to benefits and qualifications. Find out about the new World of Hyatt program here that will reward big spenders.

Yesterday, Matthew from Pen and Passport revealed some incredible new changes to Hyatt’s loyalty program. It is more than just some shifts in elite qualifying requirements – it even includes new names and perks for certain customers.

Hyatt’s New Loyalty Program – World of Hyatt

I have been a huge Hyatt fan for years and an even bigger fan of the Hyatt Diamond level. But, that could change for me and many others with Hyatt’s new loyalty program – the World of Hyatt.

When Does This Happen?

Hyatt is supposed to officially announce this on November 1 and the changes and program will take effect March 1, 2017.

What Are The Changes with the World of Hyatt?

There are a lot of changes! For starters, Hyatt’s World of Hyatt is getting rid of the stay requirements. Under the current program, you can earn Platinum status with 5 stays and Diamond with 25 stays. To earn those statuses by night, you need to have 15 nights for Platinum or 50 nights with Diamond.

However, that is changing and status is only going to be based on nights or points. Points are based on spending amounts at Hyatts. Here is what the new elite levels and details look like.
Free Nights

For everyone, if you stay in 5 different Hyatt brands, you will receive a complimentary night at a Category 1 – 4. Explorist members will receive another Category 1 – 4 when they hit their 30 nights. Globalist members will receive a night at a Category 1 – 7 when they hit 60 nights. According to Matthew’s report, this will be given to all Globalist members on March 1, 2017.

What Does This Mean For Current Diamonds?

Here is how Hyatt will handle current Diamond members (of which there are many who were matched to it from last year’s match):

  • Diamond this year and not qualified for 2017 – Explorist
  • Diamond this year and qualified for 2017 – Globalist

This is great news for the members who have already qualified for Diamond next year – or a good reason to get those last nights you need to qualify.

How Valuable Is the New Globalist Status?

If you are able to get to Globalist status, there are several, positive new changes for Hyatt’s new top-tier status. Here are some of those new perks:

  • Only need 55 nights for requalification
  • Unlimited suite upgrades based on availability
  • Complimentary Night at Category 1 – 7 when you stay 60 nights (must be used in 120 days)
  • 4 Confirmed Suite Upgrades
  • No resort fees on any stays
  • Free parking for most stays (not Points+Cash stays)
  • Access to My Hyatt Concierge

What Is Bad About This New World of Hyatt Program?

No More Stays

The worst thing about these changes is the fact that it does away with the stay requirements. Many people, myself included, qualify based on stays. Most of my hotel stays in a year are for a single night so it is not that difficult to get the 25 stays needed.

No More 1,000 Points

Along with that is the disappearance of the welcome amenity/welcome bonus points. This was huge for me! At most Hyatts (not Hyatt Place or Hyatt House properties – only 500 points there), Diamond members can choose 1,000 points as their welcome bonus on stays.

Again, for people like me that qualify on stays, this is a huge loss in points. I receive 25,000 points per year because of this and now this will no longer be offered.


Thankfully, the breakfast is staying but it is no longer for up to 4 people. It is good for up to 2 adults and 2 children. This is not bad for me since I generally do not have 4 adults in my room (though I do know that people will invite local friends or friends in other rooms to enjoy it with them).


This is a hotel program adopting some of the revenue requirements that airlines have instituted and it is clear that Hyatt wants to reward their big spenders. For instance, if a person hit Globalist by spending instead of nights (say, 50 nights), they would have spent $20,000 at Hyatt hotels – or an average of $400 per night!

On the other hand, Hyatt Diamond has easily been a favorite of hotel loyalists for a long time and has been very gameable. For example, someone could stay at a Category 1 hotel for 25 stays and do it with Points+Cash rates. That would equal spending 50,000 points and $1,250. But, you also get 25,000 points back with welcome points (if you stay at non-Hyatt House or Hyatt Place properties). If you were to do these stays within a bonus period, you could essentially wipe out the points you used altogether.

Still, I am disappointed to see some of these changes. I know I will be Globalist for 2017 but I will have to reevaluate my status after that. It is not that I will not stay in hotels for 60 nights – it is that there are far fewer Hyatts available compared to the other large chains so they are not always where I would want to go.

Are you disappointed by the new Hyatt elite program?

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  • So if I requalify for Diamond this year, I will be a Globalist next? Does it make any difference if my qualification is based on stays or nights in 2016? Any why do you say Globalist equal is only 55 nights? I am confused on that point, though I may just be reading something incorrectly.

  • It is disappointing, especially since, as you noted, it often takes more of an effort to be loyal to Hyatt. The other thing is, if smaller Hyatt is doing this, what sort of ideas will Hilton and Marriott get for further “enhancements” to their programs?

  • […] Hyatt’s Sweeping New Loyalty Program. Well, what is so distressing about this is how now hotels are even going full Delta revenue based mode. Loyalty means dollars. The way it should have been all along actually. The spoils go to the big spenders/road warriors while we should all be free agent this travel thing! I mean, who in their right mind will go and stay 60 nights (or just 55 nights to extend it). I mean, if it was even 60 “stays”…WTF! And these moronic names, Discoverist, Explorist, Globalist and super sucky logo, wow! After I book my free Visa night award, I am canceling my card, time to clear the herd! […]