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Hilton Surpass Big Offer Set to Expire – Should You Apply?

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Written by Charlie

The Hilton Surpass 100K offer with free weekend night is set to expire soon. Should you apply? Check out the pros and cons here!

The Hilton Surpass has had their biggest offer ever (only done once before) for a little while now. It is a pretty good offer of 100,000 points that is supplemented by a free weekend night after the first year. It is scheduled to end today (at least through affiliate links) so time to ask – should you apply for it or wait?

Hilton Surpass 100K Offer and Free Weekend Night Expiring

This Hilton offer is definitely the best one around – 100,000 Hilton points can still get you a lot of value and the free weekend night in the second year is a compelling reason to keep this card for another year (and another $75 annual fee).

You will be paying the $75 annual fee twice in order to take advantage of all this card has to offer but that is not a bad deal at all.

Here are the details of this new card offer:

  • Earn 100,000 Hilton Honors Bonus Points after you spend $3,000 in purchases on the Card within your first 3 months of Card Membership
  • Plus, earn a free weekend night award after your first anniversary of Card Membership.
  • Offer Ends 10/4/2017
  • Annual fee – $75 (not waived)

Free Weekend Night

That free weekend night is a great offer but you will need to pay the annual fee both the first year and the second. That means you will have paid a total of $150 for the 100,000 Hilton points and a free weekend night. In effect, the free weekend night will cost you $75. But, that is a great deal for sure, depending on the hotel you burn it on.

Also, this free weekend night is only valid for new Hilton Surpass cardholders through this offer. It does not work, unfortunately, if you currently have the Hilton Surpass card.

Should You Apply?

There are a few things to think about before applying for the Hilton Surpass card at its current level.

  • This bonus will likely be back up again in the next 5-6 months
  • There is typically a limit of 4-5 Amex cards you can have open at a time (if you have others you are interested in)
  • Hilton points do not get better over time so definitely not something to get to just hold

There is one other thing to think about – if you currently have the regular no-fee Hilton card from Amex, you may be able to upgrade it to the Hilton Surpass and get the 100,000 points without having a hard pull on your credit score. Here is the link to check for the upgrade (link from DoC).

Before they had added language to the upgrade path about having the card before, I did this a few times and it is quick and easy! But, you will need to have had the no-fee Hilton card for at least 12 months before you can upgrade (because you will change products to a product with an annual fee and that cannot happen in the first year).

So, should you apply? It all depends! If you have a need for Hilton points, then by all means apply! But, if you don’t have a current need or many Hiltons in your future, it would probably be best to pass on it for now.


If you do want to apply, you can apply using the Credit Card tab above (which would support this site) or you can apply through one of the many readers’ affiliate links on this post. Definitely a great feeling to help other readers get the points they need so do consider that!

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