Hilton No Longer Classifies Jerusalem as “West Bank”… Or as Israel

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Written by Charlie

Hilton no longer lists Jerusalem as being a part of the West Bank on the search page, but they also do not list it as being part of Israel, either. Other hotel chains show Jerusalem as Israel.

Last year, I wrote a post about my surprise that Hilton had (unlike other US chains) placed Jerusalem in the West Bank – not in Israel. I know the subject of Israel and the West Bank is a very big issue and I have spent a lot of time there so I know about this firsthand. It is precisely that this is such a big issue that I was surprised that Hilton would be the only hotel chain to classify Jerusalem as being West Bank instead of Israel.

Hilton No Longer Classifies Jerusalem as “West Bank”… Or as Israel

Here is what Hilton showed last year

hilton jerusalem west bank

This is the Hilton search page from before, showing Jerusalem West Bank

Well, it turns out that Hilton has since changed their classification. They didn’t put Jerusalem in Israel, though. Instead, they just refer to it as “Jerusalem” in their search box. In fact, when you type in the word “Israel” it doesn’t give you Jerusalem as one of the city options. The same is true when you type in “West Bank.” No Jerusalem there either.

hilton jerusalem west bank

The search page as of March 2019

So, at least Hilton has reversed it a little bit. I still think it is kind of a strange move on their part to not allow their search box to show Jerusalem since the Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem is a signature property for them and one that is very popular with Jewish visitors.

hilton jerusalem west bank

Hilton still doesn’t show Jerusalem as being part of Israel, either

In the end, the address still shows as Israel, the WA website shows it as Jerusalem, Israel so it is just the Hilton search bar that will not designate Jerusalem as part of Israel. Again, a strange choice on Hilton’s part but maybe they are doing this in stages?

One more funny thing, of note. When you type in “West Bank” it lists several cities in the West Bank region. But, Hilton does not even have any properties in any of those cities so why list them as such at all?

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  • Both last time this issue came up and this time I found that results varied. I could not pin down whether there were different servers, different times of day or differing responses based on Country that I was based in.

  • Hi Charlie
    With you consider this to be an issue?
    For what ever reason Hilton decided to rework their search engine?
    May be the pressure or intense lobbying by certain groups wanted “” WEST BANK” to be removed . YES, I have just visited Jerusalem
    ( very peaceful) and also the West Bank ( holocast is been enforced in this area)
    West Bank is associated with Palestine.
    Let’s not make it an issue ?

    • My issue is purely curiosity – why does Hilton feel that they need to do something that no other hotel company does? They don’t have a hotel in any West Bank/Palestine city so it does not seem to make sense to make that an issue themselves.
      Btw, I have also been to Ramallah as well as Jerusalem (dozens of times).

  • Lots of hotel chains do this (the part about listing places with no properties). In the case you select one, it will just show you the closest properties. As far as Jerusalem, the UN doesn’t consider it owned by neither Israel nor Palestine. Good to see Hilton bringing this in-line with that thinking, instead of caving to the zionist protests.

    • Actually, Jerusalem is the capitol of Israel and the western portion (where the major Hotels are) is uncontested. There might be dispute regarding the eastern portion of Jerusalem and the west Bank.

      You are entitled to your opinion and your “facts” which are simply untrue.
      To describe the West bank as a Holocaust is obscene, simply stated. Any laws, inspections and checkpoints are there simply to prevent terrorist attacks, which have happened in the past. Reading this blog you must be aware that their are unpleasant security checks at all airports.
      If your society is not against it try reading up on the Holocaust to better understand how uneducated you sound when you use the word holocaust in discussing everyday life where people can drive, travel and shop in the same malls and supermarkets as the Israelis. The Israelis that shop there hope they are not shot or stabbed as has happened at supermarkets in the West Bank previously.

  • We should be greatful that Israel liberated Jerusalem from the Jordanians in 1967. After nearly 20 years of their occupation and destruction of holy sites, and apartheid restrictions (No Jews, No Christians could visit or live there), Israel opened all of Jerusalem for all religious communities.
    Then, the Arabs (Syria) went all-out with marketing and came with Palestinians.
    Choose life with an open Jerusalem, eternal capital of Israel, or, death by radical Islamists. Simple choice.

    Now, what about Tibet’s all-out cultural and ethnic genocide carried out by China?
    I still refer to Taipie, Taiwan.

    Long live freedom. Choose hotels wisely.