Is Hilton Playing Politics? They Put Jerusalem in the West Bank, Not Israel

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Written by Charlie

Here was a surprising find – Hilton shows Jerusalem as being in the West Bank and not Israel, even though the other US chains in Jerusalem do put Jerusalem in Israel. See how Hilton lists Jerusalem and West Bank properties.

I was a bit surprised when I was doing some searching this morning and found out how Hilton classified Jerusalem. Unlike other hotel chains, they say that Jerusalem is in the West Bank and not in Israel – when you try to search for hotels with Hilton.

Is Hilton Playing Politics? They Put Jerusalem in the West Bank, Not Israel

Ok, I understand that this topic can get people riled up and I do ask that people remain civil in the comments.

Travel providers are constantly needing to stay on their toes in the various countries they do business in. Look at what happened with the airlines and hotels with how they categorized China and territories that China claims as their own.

I also understand that the area of Israel and the West Bank is also a hot button issue with many people. The US made the major move this year of locating the US Embassy inside of Jerusalem and that made no small waves!

Note: Even airlines play with where Israel is for award categorizing with some even listing Israel as being part of North Africa! But, this is regional classification and not territories.

But, I was a bit surprised that Hilton shows Jerusalem as being the West Bank while other US chain hotels with a presence in Jerusalem put it as Israel.

How Hilton Shows Jerusalem

When you search for “Jerusalem,” it gives options that include “Jerusalem, West Bank” and just plain “Jerusalem.” When you search for the “West Bank”, it gives locations that are in the West Bank territories and includes Jerusalem in that. When you search “Israel,” it includes other Israeli cities but does not include Jerusalem.

Hilton with Jerusalem

Jerusalem as being part of West Bank

However, if you just search “Israel” and then go to the hotels, it does have the Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem as an option. But it just does not categorize Jerusalem as Israel in its drop down box.

Hilton with Jerusalem

Using “West Bank” shows Jerusalem as one of the cities in the West Bank

Hilton with Jerusalem

Searching “Israel” does not list Jerusalem as one of the cities

Hilton with Israel

But, when you search for “Israel” the results page will list the Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem

But, it does show “Jerusalem, Israel” on the Waldorf Astoria page. Not sure why they have it listed differently there than on their home page search bar…

Hilton with Jerusalem

The Waldorf Astoria page lists the WA Jerusalem as being in Jerusalem, Israel

I have searched for Jerusalem before and I am almost positive it was not like this when I stayed at the Waldorf Astoria a couple of years ago. I am not sure if it has always been this way or not.

Anyway, I thought it was something odd that Hilton appears to be the only US hotel chain that puts Jerusalem in the West Bank instead of Israel in their drop down choices. I know companies normally like to take a neutral position on some hot button issues but with something like categorizing territories, there really isn’t a “neutral” position.

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  • Did you enjoy the Waldorf Jerusalem? We’re planning on Israel next year and I’m torn between using that many Hilton points vs an Airbnb.

    • Ramzi – I did! Because I was Hilton Diamond at the time, I was upgraded to a junior suite which was really quite large! I would definitely suggest it for a day when you wanted to have a little downtime. It is in a great location so it does make it a convenient place.
      I have also rented apartments in the past there as well and that makes for some great deals as well. My usual apartment is on King George St and very reasonable.
      So, either way wins! I would say go for the WA for at least one night for the experience!
      Enjoy the trip!

      • Great advice! I used to live in Jerusalem (summer study program), so I’m very eager to go back.

  • The Jerusalem Waldorf is amazing! Stayed there a couple nights as well. And they don’t try to “f you over” like some of the other hotels in Izzy.