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Greece Will Not Require a Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate for Visitors

Written by Charlie

Want to travel to Greece this summer? Good news is that you will not be required to have a vaccination certificate to have a nice summer, Greek holiday.

In a follow-up to the news that Greece is seeking a EU-approved vaccination certificate to streamline EU travel, Greece also is making it clear that they will NOT require incoming passengers to have the Covid-19 vaccination. This is good news that will delight the many millions who seek to visit Greece each summer.

Greece Says “No” Covid-19 Vaccine Certificate Necessary for Visiting

Greece relies heavily on tourism for their economy, an economy that has seen a major hit in the past year due to covid-19. This is just as things were looking up for an economy that had struggled in its ascent for many years. With last summer’s tourist season not being as good as Greece had hoped for, the 2021 tourist season (which Greece says they hope to see start by May) is essential for the many hotels, restaurants, and cafes that depend on this business for the warm weather months.

To that end, Greece’s Tourism Minister, Haris Theoharis, said today that a vaccination certificate will not be required for people wanting to visit Greece. Instead, there will probably be a continuation of the current requirements (in some form or another) of a negative PCR test before arrival as well as the filling out of the mandatory PLF (Passenger Locator Form) to indicate whether you are coming from a high-risk country.

With much more known about the virus and testing standards improving (as well as the new data that indicates that antibodies in those who have had the virus last for many months or years), Greece should be looking at a much improved tourist season this summer. While having a vaccination certificate will help you to enter the country quicker, it will not be a requirement to visit the beautiful nation of Greece.

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  • Thanks for sharing. I’m getting a vaccine as soon as I can. Hoping to fly into ATH in the middle of September. I suppose individual airlines (I fly Delta) could still require a vaccine certificate, however.

    As we always stay at a major brand hotel in Athens Centre, I am hoping PCR testing sites will become the norm in places such as Athens to be able to enter the US again as a US citizen

    • Hey, Sam – Good news is that PCR tests are very easy to get here and can be booked at both ATH and SKG (and is spreading to more airports for the seasonal flights). These can be done anytime before a flight and the turnaround time is less than 24 hours – plus they are pretty reasonably priced.