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Save 20% On Aegean Flights All Over Greece – Just By Using a Visa Credit Card!

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Do you want to fly to Greece this year? Here is a way you can get a 20% discount on Aegean flights throughout Greece – just by using a Visa credit card!

Summertime is coming and with that comes many people’s dreams of visiting Greece! Greece has it all – friendly people, great beaches, awesome food, ancient sites, and much more! And, if you fly to those destinations with Aegean Airlines, you are getting a piece of Greece on your flight itself! Now, you can save 20% on those flights when you use your Visa credit card.

Save 20% on Aegean Flights To/From Greece

Link: Aegean Airlines

This is pretty simple – all you need to save 20% on Aegean flights this year is to use a VISA card at checkout and the special code that goes with it! That special code (which you will enter on in the promotional code box on the search page) is VISASUMMER20NA. This is great because it is not a scaling discount “up to” 20% but a straight 20% on the airfare part of your ticket. Note that is 10% less than last summer but Greece enjoyed their greatest tourist season ever and are expecting an even bigger one this year so this deal may be as good as it gets this year.

This promo code works on economy tickets as well as business class tickets and works on all Aegean flights. This promotional code is valid for bookings from March 13 – March 27 for travel between May 1 – November 30, 2023. That means you can start scheduling your Greek flights now for the whole tourist season!

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Note that this code only deducts the 20% from the fare – not the airport charges. Also, you need to use a visa card at checkout

Aegean Airlines is a great airline to use, whether you are flying into Greece with them or bouncing around Greece with them. For sure, there are ultra low cost carriers that will have better prices for some routes but Aegean is a Star Alliance carrier meaning that you can enjoy your Star Alliance-airline elite benefits when flying with them (if you have it).

That includes priority checkin, security, and boarding (which can be incredibly useful in Greece during the packed tourist season) as well as things like free bags and lounge access.

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