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Here are the Benefits and Discounts In Greece You Can Get with Aegean Gold Status

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Written by Charlie

If you want to get some benefits and discounts in Greece, having Aegean Gold status can be a huge help! From hotel discounts and benefits to discounts at restaurants and more, being an Aegean member can be a way to save more on your trip to Greece.

If you are headed to Greece this summer and you have kept your Aegean Gold status going (the easiest status to renew each year), you could save some money and get some cool benefits of having your Aegean Gold status!

Many Benefits and Discounts in Greece with Aegean Gold Status

Link: Partners of Aegean Airlines and Miles+Bonus in Greece

Why Aegean Gold?

I have always liked how Aegean Airlines has worked hard to make being a part of their airline program give value in other areas of your shopping and travel experiences. While I am sure other airlines have similar benefits for elite members in these areas, I know that no US airline has such benefits!

Aegean Gold used to be the easiest of Star Alliance Gold statuses to earn and keep. Then a few years ago, they shook some things up and started requiring, you know, flying to keep that status. They actually did a great thing with how they made it easy to retain status.

Keeping Aegean Gold Status

Link: Retaining Aegean Gold Status

All you need to do to keep Aegean Gold from one year to the next is to credit 12,000 Star Alliance miles (not all airline classes credit at 100%, though) and fly 4 Aegean/Olympic segments. If you want to skip the Aegean/Olympic flights, you would need to credit 24,000 miles.

So, there are many travelers in the US and around the world that still have Aegean Gold status today. It helps to give lounge access around the world (including when flying United on domestic itineraries – something United does not give their own elites) and things like priority airline access and excess baggage.

Benefits and Discounts in Greece with Aegean Gold Status

Ok, enough about the status! Here is what having Aegean Gold can get you with benefits and discounts.

Travel Benefits and Discounts

discounts in Greece

Get a 4th night free at this SPG hotel, Vedema, as an Aegean Gold member

If you are going to be staying at one of the many SPG properties in Greece, you can get some nice benefits with your Aegean status! To access the coupons necessary for your SPG stays, make sure you login to your Aegean account.

  • Blue Palace (Elounda) – 20€ discount at Asia Blue restaurant
  • Hotel Grande Bretagne (Athens) – 25€ discount on a Spa treatment
  • Mystique (Santorini) – 30€ discount at Asea Restaurant
  • Santa Marina (Mykonos) – 20% discount to all SPA Therapies at Ginkgo Spa
  • Sheraton Rhodes Resort – 25€ discount at L’Onda or Thèa Restaurant
  • The Romanos (Costa Navarino) – Unlimited use of the Anazoe Spa Heat experience for a day
  • The Westin Resort Costa Navarino – Unlimited use of the Anazoe Spa Heat experience for a day
  • Vedema (Santorini) – Complimentary 4th night stay
  • Vedema (Santorini) – 30€ discount at Alati Restaurant

That complimentary 4th night stay could be worth well over $600 so that is a nice deal! It cannot be used in July or August but the other months are great months to visit as well.

Yes! Hotels

  • Twenty One – 10% discount on your next stay
  • Kefalari Suites – 10% discount on your next stay
  • New Hotel – 20% discount on a Spa treatment
  • New Hotel – 20€ discount at the hotel restaurant
  • Periscope – 10% discount on your next stay
  • Semiramis – 10% discount on your next stay

Holmes Place – Fitness Center

If you want access to a really nice fitness center in the areas of the 3 Holmes Place locations, you can use a coupon for a free 7 day access pass.

Athens Parking

Maybe you are spending a lot of time in Athens but plan to pop over to an island for a couple/few days? The best rental car deals are based on week long rentals or more so you may not want to make separate rentals.

Fortunately, you get 2 coupons for single day parking at Athens airport and 1 valet parking pass!

Business Class Upgrades

These are far from as easy to use as they once were, but depending on the class of your ticket with Aegean, you can use one of your 4 business class upgrades on Aegean flights. It can also be used for other travelers, not just yourself.

Hertz Rental Car

discounts in Greece

Rent a car like this with special promos between Hertz and Aegean for Gold members

As an Aegean Gold member, not only do you earn Aegean miles and a discount when booking your Hertz rental through Aegean, but you also get a one class upgrade when you pick up your car.

Last year, they also ran a special in June that let you rent a Mercedes GLA car for 50€ a day. Basic economy cars go for more than that during that period so it was quite a deal – and only available for Aegean Gold members!

Celestyal Cruises

  • 5 award miles for every euro spent on cruise packages
  • 1 award mile for every euro spent on purchases on board
  • Gold Miles+Bonus members enjoy a free cabin upgrade (based upon availability) and a 50€ coupon for a treatment at the Spa on board.



Get a 10% discount at Goody’s restaurant with your Aegean elite card!

You are definitely going to want to partake of some of the fantastic Greek food while visiting Greece. While chain restaurants are much better than many chains in the US, some of the best restaurants are the family owned dining establishments.

Of course, should you want to try the chain areas, they are also excellent choices and your Aegean membership will get you a discount!

Here is a sampling (check each one as you may not even need to have elite status to take advantage of some discounts!)

Yes, La Pasteria is not Greek but if you want Italian food, they actually do a very good job!

There are many other locations as well. Click each one to see what the discount is.

Culture and Entertainment

There is both a lot of culture and entertainment in Greece! Some of it is pretty expensive already but with your Aegean status, you can save even more.

For some of the places, you will not get a savings but you will earn Aegean miles with your purchase. Make sure you have your Aegean card to show to earn! You can also use miles for some of the places but I would definitely say don’t do this as the rate is pretty poor.

To check other partners of Aegean, check out this page here and put in the location you are going to be visiting.

I love that Aegean is a frequent flyer program that actually rewards their members with benefits outside the airport. If you are an Aegean Gold member and you will be visiting Greece this year, make sure you check all of these places against your travel plans to see how much you can save!

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