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Chase Has Made It Easier to Get Your Referral Links

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Written by Charlie

Find out how to easily get your Chase referral links to earn points when people sign-up through you! It is quick and easy with this new system.

Referral links for cardholders is an awesome way to realize continued value from your card. It is also a way to allow you to benefit from telling your friends and family members about cards that you actually have and use.

How To Get Your Chase Referral Links

Fortunately, card issuers recognize this sort of referral system as one that is incredibly valuable for them and they are doing their part to make it valuable for us as well. And they continue to do this as they have made it one step easier to grab those referral links to pop in an e-mail (instead of waiting sometimes 7 days for the recipient to receive it from Chase), throw it on social media, or even leave it on blogs like mine!

Amex made it easier some time ago and Chase has done so no as well (not sure when exactly Chase did this, could have been a little while ago since I have not logged in to check referrals in a couple/few weeks).

Step 1 – Login

Link: Chase Refer a Friend

chase referral links

Head over to Chase’s referral site and login to get started. To login, you will need to enter your last name, your billing zip code, and the last 4 digits of the card you want the referral offers first.

Step 2 – Grab Your Link!

Instead of the old way of clicking your Twitter link and then logging in to Twitter before having your link displayed, Chase just puts your link right at the top right of the main section!

chase referral links

Super easy to get your Chase Referral links now!

Just copy it and you can drop it where you need to. Just make sure you pay attention to the guidelines for links like this on social media – normally just putting #ad is good enough.

Of course, you are also welcome to leave those links on my site on the posts that are featuring the card you have a link for (please do not leave any links on this post)! Hopefully it will help you get some bonus points here as well!

And that is it! It has certainly made it easier than going through the Twitter route – or waiting the up to 7 days for the e-mail to arrive. 🙂

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