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Is This The Best Solar Eclipse Photo?

Out of all the solar eclipse pictures floating around, I think this may just be the best solar eclipse photo, especially if you love airplanes!

By now, many of you may be very tired about the Solar Eclipse coverage! But, I had to share what I thought was the best solar eclipse, especially if you are an aviation geek. 🙂

Is This The Best Solar Eclipse Photo?

When it came to taking photos of yesterday’s solar eclipse, there were many people that were nervous about doing it without getting adequate protection for their cameras. Yes, that’s right, not just for their own eyes but also for their cameras. There were stories like this that talked about how it could be dangerous for camera sensors.

But, in the end, whether you took photos of it or not, of course there were going to be a ton of photos of the event! In fact, I would make a guess that yesterday’s solar eclipse was probably the most photographed/filmed single event of 2017 – maybe the decade? Not sure but I wouldn’t be surprised.

So, I, like you, have seen a ton of photos of the solar eclipse but I think this is the best solar eclipse photo. What do you think? 🙂

What was your favorite solar eclipse photo and where was it taken?

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  • Give me a break! Its simply a pic of a plane with the sun in the background. You cant even tell its an eclipse going on since the moon is a tiny fraction covering the sun. The best ones are where the moon is covering the whole sun and some rays are popping out from all sides

    • As someone who enjoys airplanes, I thought it was just a stunning photo with the moon coming in to view as well. Just my opinion and obviously you have your favorites as well! There were so many like what you described that I enjoyed seeing something that portrayed it differently.

      • As a pic of a plane crossing the sun, yea its a great pic and happy you shared it. But it falls flat IMO as a pic of the eclipse. Sort of like a pic with a plane with the background of some historical location and saying its the best shot of that location simply due to a plane being in it, when the historical item is hardly in the pic

        Sorry just because a plane is in a pic doesnt make the pic the best out there,unless of cause the quest is to find the best shot of a plane anywhere. just my 2 cents

        • And I appreciate it! We all have different things we like and I certainly enjoyed the pics of the eclipse in totality (and can’t wait until I am in the line for it in 2024!).