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Earn 3,000 JetBlue Points with Amazon Prime

3,000 JetBlue points
Written by Charlie

Now, sign-up for Amazon Prime and earn 3,000 JetBlue points! That is worth at least $45 on your future flights! Take advantage of this great deal soon.


Earlier this year, I wrote about how JetBlue formed a new partnership with Amazon to be really the only one in this space paying out points on purchases made on Amazon (through JetBlue). Getting 3x points on Amazon spending is pretty good, even if it is a “fixed” currency like JetBlue. With their points worth around 1.5 cents each, that is like getting a 4.5% rebate on your Amazon spending.

Earn 3,000 JetBlue Points with Amazon Prime

3,000 JetBlue

Link: 3,000 JetBlue Points with Amazon Prime

Now, they are sweetening the pot! If you are new to Amazon Prime (no renewals), you are eligible to earn 3,000 JetBlue points (worth about $45) when you sign up for the Amazon Prime membership – which costs $99 for a year.

Here is what you need to know:

  • In order to receive the special 3,000 points promotion for signing up for your Amazon Prime Membership, you will need to sign into your TrueBlue account and use the special promotional link on this page.
  • Once you have completed the purchase of your Amazon Prime Membership, your 3,000 points will be posted to your TrueBlue account at least 30 days after the transaction has successfully been completed.
  • To see a list of items excluded from earning points please see this page.
  • This is an exclusive, one-time only promotion for 3,000 points and only first-time Amazon Prime customers signing-up through their special promotional link on the Points for Prime page are eligible for this promotion.
  • Promotion is valid for one person only.

It kind of stinks that it is only valid for new customers but if you have your subscription about to end, consider having someone else in the family sign-up for it. As it says above, simply sign-in to your JetBlue account and use the above link to sign-up for Amazon Prime.

I love Amazon Prime for many, many reasons and consider it worth it to me for the $99 annual fee – without even factoring in the 3,000 JetBlue points offered here! During sales, it is entirely possible to earn quite a bit over 2 cents per point so this offer could be worth up to $65, depending on how you use your JetBlue points.

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