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Drop Some Points on My Taxes

Written by Dustin

I had some unexpected points just Drop into my account when I recently paid my taxes. Did you luck out as well?

Tax season is here and hopefully you are finding ways to earn extra points if you are a lucky person who needs to pay in more taxes. I almost had out Federal taxes spot on, but our state taxes, I wasn’t as lucky. Luckily, after paying my state taxes I noticed I had earned some unexpected points.

Drop Some Points on My Taxes

After completing my taxes, I needed to pay the great state of Maine an extra $1,867 in taxes. Since I wanted to earn some rewards to pay this, I started considering my options to pay those taxes.

Paying my state taxes were limited and when I tried using Plastiq, I kept having issues with the address not being correct (I’d prefer not to mess around with the tax man). After an hour or so, I decided to make the decision to just pay my taxes via my checking account. I know, the horror!

I was disappointed, but I wanted my taxes to be filed and done with.

A Pleasant Surprise:

While I was in Athens, I had decided to check my Drop app account to see how close I was to getting my $10 Amazon gift card. To my surprise, I had opened my app and saw I had over 64,000 points in my account!

I definitely wasn’t expecting a large amount of points, maybe a couple hundred from some Amazon purchases.

After looking at my recent transactions, this is what I saw:

I had earned 56,010 Drop points for paying my taxes. What was more interesting to me was I received credit for this after paying them from my checking account and not a credit card/debit card.


I have no idea how Drop came to paying out 30 points per dollar for my taxes, but I’ll take it. There wasn’t an offer on my account and I didn’t receive any notification from the app that I had pending points.

I am not going to complain about receiving about $60 in rewards ( about 3% return) for paying my taxes.

At one point all the transactions I made in Greece were showing as pending as well. Those were removed, but my rewards from my Maine State Taxes remained. After seeing them stick around, I felt comfortable using them.


Initially, I was hesitant to write about this, because I thought it was an error. I also didn’t want to lose the rewards, but the rewards have stuck and I even spent my rewards. I just bought myself $60 worth of Amazon gift cards and I will happily turn into Airbnb gift cards :-).

Paying taxes is always a drag, but earning some unexpected points is always great.

Did you receive points from Drop to pay your taxes?

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  • I read several “travel points” blogs pretty regularly and I’ve never heard of Drop. I wish you had explained it.

    • Hey LW,

      I can definitely write something up on Drop. The app has been out for a few month and I found out about it from a few bloggers as well. I hadn’t even considered doing an article about what Drop is, since I felt it was known, my mistake!

      Thanks for reading! I appreciate it!

  • I’m with LW – what is drop. And to what does Steve need an invite code (i would assume drop!)? Thank you Dustin!