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SWISS Business Class Shines Amid Coronavirus Cuts

Written by Charlie

While many airlines are cutting their business class food and service due to coronavirus, SWISS business class delivers in a fantastic way!

There has never been a time like this for the airline industry and many airlines are just starting to resume some routes that used to be just a normal occurrence for them.

Because of such times, all airlines have been trying to cut costs as well and that means that things like onboard service and even lounge services are a shadow of what they used to be (lounge closures have been done in the name of Covid-19 prevention yet other lounges continue to operate).

SWISS Business Shines with Full Service

Some Airlines Cutting Business Class Food Service

I flew United Airlines in Polaris Business last week and cost cutting was definitely on display. Of course, they referred to it as health measures but the passengers who paid $3,500+ for a business class seat were not happy that they could not even get a cup of coffee onboard.

Even Turkish Airlines, known for their onboard chefs and fantastic food, has announced a cut to their well-known culinary service. I was to have flown them and was eager to see what these cuts involved but they had not resumed flights to the US at the time. Hopefully, this is not a long-term move.

SWISS Delivers Again

On my return, I flew Swiss business and they just put other airlines to shame with how they managed to still provide full service (in business, at least) while keeping people healthy and safe.

I have mentioned before that Swiss had previously served what I said was the best series of business class meals I have ever enjoyed. Of course, there are some standouts in the meals department (like Qatar Airways, Turkish Airlines, even Austrian) that I have enjoyed but Swiss had knocked it out of the park before.

I had figured that they would similarly cut back like United did (this will be another post but basic things likes coffee and tea were not offered, even in business). Nope- not at all!

SWISS Service Was Top Notch

Unlike the practically empty United flight I had taken to the US, this Swiss flight out of Chicago was absolutely packed. I think there was only one empty seat in business class (which made me even more glad to have locked in one of the “Throne” seats for maximum privacy!) and economy was full as well.

Yet, having a full cabin did not slow down the business class staff. I had a breakfast menu at my seat before takeoff like usual and the offerings were the things I am used to from past Swiss breakfast options.

The breakfast menu on Swiss business class

Then I checked out the meal menu and it was filled with some delicious options. The Swiss attendants made their way around taking orders, handing out nuts, giving drinks, and all the usual business class service touches.

The main meal menu on Swiss business class

Even serving the meal was done in the usual style with the appetizer being laid out nicely, a steady stream of drinks offered and poured, and the main course followed up in a business-class style.

Yes, they serve all normal drinks – soft drinks, wines, coffee, tea, juices – nothing held back!

The Food Itself – Nothing Different!

Remember, I was assuming that all airlines would be operating like United had with their meal tray of hot and cold items that were prepackaged. Boy, was I wrong about Swiss – again!

Here are some photos of the menu and the meal that they served me. I will add that the beef was absolutely perfect, something I would have been very happy with on the ground let alone being served it in the air.

My appetizer – Swiss business class

My main course – the beef fillet was EXCELLENT! Tender and done just right. Swiss business class

The chocolate dessert – very tasty and delicious!

Bottom Line

While other airlines claim it is not possible to have their normal full service in business class due to the coronavirus, SWISS showed that was definitely not true! Their service was top-notch and the food was excellent!

Well done, SWISS! I know it is not easy during this coronavirus crisis to not follow other airlines and make cuts to your service, but you have earned fans with how you are keeping on as you are!

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  • Good job by Swiss! I’ve never flown them as I’m locked in with SkyTeam.

    Delta, similar to most other US airlines, have been giving the safety excuse as to not providing meal and beverage service, even in first class, yet they can do it on international Delta One service? Does COVID not exist in airplanes once the plane leaves US air space? Give me a break, it’s all about the money.

    Delta is resuming beer and wine domestic service only for first and comfort plus beginning July 2. After that, they plan a phased approach to return other pre-COVID services on board

  • Thanks for your report re: LX. Have some LifeMiles I need to burn and it’s good to know that at least one good carrier is giving the requisite J service. All now depends on whether the EU lifts the external travel ban.

    • I hear you! While the new J class is definitely an upgrade, even the older J is still a fine way to travel and typically has great availability. Plus, they have been flying regularly for all of June while airlines like Austrian and Turkish are just going to get started soon. So, a better chance at the flight actually going as scheduled.

      • Agree. Flew LX J ZRH-NRT and SFO-ZRH the past years, both 777 with the new cabin. Good service, reliable.