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Now Book On JetBlue Through The Rest Of The Summer

Written by Charlie

JetBlue has opened up their schedule through the rest of the summer for 2016. Start looking to lock in your flights now!

JetBlue just opened up the rest of next summer for bookings. This is great news for people that like to travel on JetBlue as it gives you a chance to lock in some of your summer plans right now.

Now Book On JetBlue Through The Rest Of The Summer


JetBlue also comes out with “sales” every Tuesday and this week’s sale should extend out a little further now, but not all the way to September 6 which is their new end of schedule date. If you are not in a hurry, you could wait a few months and the sales that include summer travel dates should roll out. In the meantime, you can go ahead and book the rest of your summer travel on JetBlue now!

This is especially useful if you want to travel in JetBlue’s Mint class (their business class) on those routes as the cheapest of those tickets are limited and will likely go faster than other booking classes.


You can now book through September 6 on JetBlue

Earning Points

If you are a points enthusiast, there is currently not a card being issued for JetBlue. There should be a new card being issued in the next couple of months but at this time, you cannot get a card to earn points. If you already have a JetBlue card with American Express, you can keep earning points with it for now. But, this point issue should not be a big deal since their points are tied to the actual price of the ticket and there is not an award availability “pool” that the tickets would be drawn from.

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