Cow Cuddling – a New Add-On at a NY Bed and Breakfast

Written by Charlie

A new trend has come to the American bed and breakfast scene and it is an add-on called “cow cuddling.” This NY B&B has recently added it and you can find out about it here.

Hotels are moving to offer more experiences for customers and members as they feel that this is what the newest generation of traveler is seeking for. Forget the chocolates – trail hiking with an experienced guide is where it is at now! 🙂

Cow Cuddling – a New Add-On at a NY Bed and Breakfast

Link: Mountain Horse Farm

Apparently, this type of thing is popular in Europe (though I had no idea!) and it is now starting up in the US. It is an add-on experience called “cow cuddling” that involves, you guessed it, cuddling a cow.

The bed and breakfast, Mountain Horse Farm of Naples, NY, brought this new idea (for the US) to their bed and breakfast recently. They have two cows, Bonnie and Bella, and each are available for a single hour slot twice each day. The cost to cuddle? It is $75 for that hour of bovine relaxation. They limit it to just two appointments per day because they said you have to consider the needs of the cows as well and that they want the sessions to occur in the natural flow of the way the cows live.

Apparently, this is popular in Europe because the heart rate of cows is slower than most humans so it helps the human to relax a bit more. I grew up not that far from this area and had helped out with many cows in various ways so I cannot say that this sounds like something I would really find overly relaxing – for me. I would probably prefer the chocolates. 🙂

Featured image from Mountain Horse Farm

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  • Wash your hands and all extremities after, petting farm animals puts you at risk for Salmonella and E.Coli infections

    • Absolutely! Also, I know this is always a question when re-entering the US so I would never think of doing this abroad before returning to the US.

  • I’m a serious animal lover and I grew up with farm animals. Cuddling a cow seems like a great gimmick to increase biz at your B&B. But the hygiene issue is huge. B&B owners should consider what kind of guest they’re attracting and how much effort it will take to deal with these fruitcakes instead of normal people.