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Covid-19 Has Reached Antarctica, the Last Continent to be Affected

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After being Covid-19-free for a long time, the coronavirus finally reached the White Continent. This means it has now touched all 7 continents.

We are right about at one year since Covid-19 began to be a known virus in China. From that time, we are pretty familiar with the spread of it throughout the world. There had been one large land mass that had been void of the coronavirus, until now as it has reached all the way to Antarctica.

Covid-19 Reached Antarctica

Last week, 36 people tested positive at a Chilean base on Antarctica. This is one of 40 bases around the continent and the first one to have infections. Some of these people had been having symptoms before the PCR tests were administered.

Since they were from Chile, it was quite easy to get them back to their homeland to go into quarantine and be treated, for those who needed advanced medical care. This is a few hour flight from the White Continent to Punta Arenas, Chile where all are said to be in stable condition.

There were 3 other people infected that had worked on a support ship but that ship has since returned from Antartica.

It has been known for a while that the virus reaching Antarctica could be a real problem for the thousands who visit and work there throughout the year. Due to the conditions and lack of advanced medical care, countries with bases on the continent began suspending major projects in the first part of 2020 to prevent Covid-19 from getting to and spreading throughout the continent.

This has also postponed the famed Ice Marathon which will not take place until December of 2021 now

Source: The Guardian

Featured image is one of the Chilean bases but not the one infected

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