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Aegean Airlines Introduces WiFi Onboard – Some Flyers Will Get it Free

Written by Charlie

Next time you fly with Aegean Airlines to Greece, you could have internet access onboard! Aegean has just introduce WiFi onboard many planes while rolling it out to more – and some customers get it free!

I fly Aegean Airlines more than any other carrier in Europe and really love flying with them. Not only have a I been an Aegean Gold customer (which is Star Alliance Gold) for 10 years but the experience flying with them is always top-notch. The one thing I have missed? Having the ability to be connected onboard.

Aegean Introduces WiFi Onboard

Some people may wonder why a mainly European airline would need WiFi but Aegean’s route footprint is growing constantly and currently reaches 3 continents. Not only that, but since Greece is at the end of Europe, it means that any flight from Greece to another country in northern or western Europe will require a flight time of over 3 hours. For some, that would be a nice time to get some things done online.

Well, Aegean is fixing that by introducing WiFi on their latest A320/A321neo fleet. It is now available on this fleet and they are rolling it out across their entire fleet so it may be on your flight if you visit Greece this summer!

The big question – what are speeds and what will it cost?

There are three bundles:

  • Free 10 minutes – everyone will have free 10 minutes of connectivity, perfect if you need to connect to inform friends of a late arrival or grab a vehicle on your arrival
  • Text & Surf – this bundle is available at 1.5 Mbps of speed, allowing you to surf the web or check your social media accounts/e-mail. This bundle is free for all Aegean Gold members! To take advantage of that, simply login to your Miles+Bonus account onboard and you are good to go!
  • Stream – for those that want to stream video, you can go all the way up to the Stream bundle with speeds up to 15Mbps. This bundle is free to business class passengers. Simply use your booking reference when you go to connect and you are good to go!

I like that they are offering their fastest streaming option for free to business class passengers. Business class on European carriers is really lacking in onboard comfort (it is just an economy seat with the middle seat blocked) so they normally try to go above and beyond with service – Aegean has great food in business as well as giving free lounge access. Having free internet is another nice perk to toss to business class passengers.

As a Gold member, I am glad that I will have free access to internet onboard now. My normal/average flight time on Aegean flights is like 2 hours so that gives me a nice little window to get some work done in what used to be non-connected time. Granted, I can do that on my transatlantic flight but for that, I have to pay and I hate paying for one flight’s internet almost what I pay for internet at home for a month!

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