Which Big Marathon Will Cancel Next Due to Coronavirus? [Updated Frequently with Race Updates]

Written by Charlie

With several big marathons already being cancelled due to the coronavirus, which big ones coming up may face the same fate? Here are live updates of all the big marathons and running events with their status.

While there are much more serious things than having a marathon be cancelled with the coronavirus on the loose, it is something that runners around the world are curious about as the events they have trained months for draw near. There have already been many marathon events cancelled (in China, Hong Kong, and Japan) but many are wondering which marathon will cancel next?

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Which Big Marathon Will Cancel Next Due to Coronavirus?

We are about to enter the big season of spring marathons. This is the first big month of the year for marathons around the world and there are some really big ones that are scheduled to go on in the next 1-2 months. These include the London Marathon, Paris Marathon, Rome Marathon, Milan Marathon, and, of course, the Boston Marathon.

Running Updates on Upcoming Marathons

Edit March 17AM, 2020 – I will keep this section updated with current news on these and other marathons that are affected. I will also provide links to posts I do on those races so you can see what your options may be in regards to travel or alternate races.

MarathonOriginal DateNew Date
Barcelona MarathonMarch 15October 25
NYC Half MarathonMarch 15Canceled for 2020
Jerusalem MarathonMarch 20November 6
Washington DC MarathonMarch 28TBD
St. Louis MarathonMarch 29Canceled for 2020
Knoxville MarathonMarch 29TBD
Rome MarathonMarch 29Canceled for 2020
Bratislava MarathonApril 5September 6
San Francisco MarathonApril 5TBD
Rotterdam MarathonApril 5TBD
Manchester MarathonApril 5TBD
Paris MarathonApril 5October 18
Milan MarathonApril 5TBD
Santiago MarathonApril 19September 6
Vienna City MarathonApril 19Canceled for 2020
Boston MarathonApril 20September 14
Illinois MarathonApril 25TBD
Zurich MarathonApril 26TBD
London MarathonApril 26October 4
Madrid MarathonApril 26November 15
Belgrade MarathonApril 26October 18
Eugene MarathonApril 26TBD
Toledo MarathonApril 26Canceled for 2020
Oklahoma City MarathonApril 26October 4
Big Sur MarathonApril 26TBD
Orange County MarathonMay 3Canceled (may be held in the fall - TBD)
Pittsburgh MarathonMay 3Canceled for 2020
Cincinnati MarathonMay 3October 11
Toronto MarathonMay 3Canceled for 2020
Prague MarathonMay 3Postponed - TBA
Vancouver MarathonMay 3Canceled for 2020
Fargo MarathonMay 9August 29
Helsinki MarathonMay 16TBD
Great Wall of China MarathonMay 16Canceled for 2020
Grandma's MarathonJune 20Canceled for 2020
Vienna City Marathon – April 19 | Status: Cancelled (as of March 11)

The Vienna City Marathon organizers announced that the 2020 edition of the marathon, to have been held over a month from now, has been cancelled. They are not postponing it and simply going to set their sights on next year.

Boston Marathon – April 20 | Status: On Schedule

The mayor of Boston said that the economic impact of the Boston Marathon is $211 million but then stressed that the safety of people is the “bottom line” of his job. The mayor and BAA staff following the CDC guidances as well as keeping in touch with state authorities, per the new update on this page.

NYC Half Marathon – March 15 | Status: Cancelled (as of 4PM, NYC time on March 10)

This race was just cancelled last evening. For more on this cancellation and information for travel plans, check out this post.

I know many of you are running the NYC Half Marathon this Sunday. At present, it is scheduled to go on as planned. It has been rumored that the governor has talked of shutting down the metro system but I highly doubt that would happen before the end of the work week, if at all. The LA Marathon had gone on as planned so, at this point, it seems that the NYC Half Marathon is a go but we will keep monitoring it.

Milan Marathon – April 5 | Status: Postponed (as of 9PM, Italy time on March 9)

Finally, the Milan Marathon organizers have provided news about their race. At this point, all they are saying (on their Facebook page) is that it is postponed to a date a few months from now. In all likelihood, that will be kicked to September at least. I will update when I get more information. Thanks to Cosimo in the comments for the heads up!

Brighton Marathon – April 19 | Status: Accepting all UK Marathons Who Had a Cancellation from Another Race

The Brighton Marathon in the UK is offering all UK residents a free entry to the Brighton Marathon taking place April 19. This includes any marathon cancelled or postponed. But, it must be a general entry and not a charity entry. More information here.

Barcelona Marathon – March 15 | Status: Postponed Until October 25

Today, March 7, the Barcelona Marathon was the latest to make a change in response to the coronavirus outbreak in Europe. They have opted to postpone it until October 25.

Paris Marathon – April 5 | Status: Postponed Until October 18 (as of 20:00 France time, March 5)

The Paris Marathon just confirmed that they are moving the Paris Marathon to October 18, 2020. Here is a post with the statement and some trip suggestions.

While the Paris Marathon organizers have yet to say anything, reports are already out in the news and from many vendors/exhibitors that the 2020 Paris Marathon is postponed until a currently unnamed date in the fall. 

Rome Marathon – March 29 | Status: Highly Likely to be Cancelled Race Cancelled (as of 14:45 Italy time, March 5)

Update: Check this post for the details and I will update that post with some alternate race options.

Yesterday (March 4), the Italian government has issued a statement that will halt all public and private sporting events until April 3. This means that football games will be played without fans and it should mean that all running races in Italy set to take place before April 3 will be cancelled or postponed. As of this time (March 5 at 12:35PM Italian time), the Rome Marathon organizers have not spoken to this. However, it should be considered highly likely that this race will be cancelled.

Also, the Rome Marathon has halted new registrations while previously they were accepting them. This could also point to an imminent cancellation.

Jerusalem Marathon – March 20 | Status: Likely to be Cancelled  Postponed (as of 15:44 Israel time, March 5)

The Mayor of Jerusalem has decided to postpone the Jerusalem marathon until October. See this post as I will be updating it with more information as it is known.

Yesterday (March 4), the Israeli government issued restrictions that will not allow Israel to host international conferences and will not allow mass events of over 5,000 people. While this would seem to be a definite step towards cancelling the marathon events, the Jerusalem Marathon organizers were quick to issue a statement that they were examining the guidelines carefully and will shortly announce what will happen with the Jerusalem Marathon.

Los Angeles Marathon – March 8 | Status: On Schedule

In spite of the fact that the state of California has issued a state of emergency due to the coronavirus, the LA Marathon organizers have said as recently as last night (March 4) that the race will continue as planned. At this point, it would seem that the only thing that would halt such plans would be that the city/state says it must cancel.

Cancelled Races

[March 5] The Rome Marathon has been cancelled.

The Paris Half Marathon was forced to cancel this past weekend and leave the 44,000 entrants without this footrace through the city of Paris. There are not that many cases in France yet but it was likely more the worry of participants from around Europe/the world that may have caused this decision (the government also cancelled any event with more than 5,000 participants in close quarters).

The Seoul Marathon made the decision to cancel their marathon that was due to take place on March 22.

Modified Races

Last weekend also, the Tel Aviv made a different move by announcing that only foreign runners that were in the country the 3 or 4 days prior to the marathon would be allowed to run. Those arriving closer to the races were not allowed to run in the Tel Aviv Marathon.

Also, while the Tokyo Marathon was technically cancelled for almost everyone, what Tokyo did was to still run the race for elites (as there were some elites trying for Olympic qualifying spots) while cancelling the race for all non-elite runners. So, this was cancelled for most.

Which Marathon Will Be Next – Or Are They Done Cancelling?

The Boston Marathon organizers have said that there is no change to the Boston Marathon for this year. There is also no word from other marathons that are set to take place in a month or less – as to any plans to cancel/change them. Here is the lineup of big marathons (as in marathon events with over 10,000 runners) that are scheduled over the next many weeks:

  • Los Angeles Marathon – March 8 | Was run as scheduled
  • Barcelona Marathon March 15 Postponed until October 25
  • NYC Half Marathon – March 15 Cancelled for 2020
  • Jerusalem Marathon – March 20 Postponed until October
  • Rome Marathon – March 29 Cancelled for 2020
  • Paris Marathon – April 5 Postponed until the October 18
  • Milan Marathon – April 5 Postponed with date TBA
  • Vienna City Marathon – April 19 Cancelled for 2020
  • Boston Marathon – April 20
  • London Marathon – April 26

There are plenty of other marathons as well but those on the list above have a large foreign contingent that runs in them. I am actually signed up for the Jerusalem Marathon so I am certainly tracking that one closely. If they follow the same routine that Tel Aviv did, I will be out of luck as I am due to arrive in Jerusalem the day before.

If a Marathon Will Cancel, When Should They Announce?

This is the tricky part. A marathon is a huge and expensive event to put on and no one wants to cancel it unless they absolutely have to. At the same time, runners would like a bit of a heads up before they actually travel to the event if it will be cancelled. Also, it helps to know so that they can cancel any travel reservations that allow cancellations (like many hotels need to be cancelled 48 hours or more before check-in, if paid as a standard rate).

Finally, for the runners, it is nice to get a bit of notice as well so that they could possibly pick another event. There are plenty of smaller events that would be happy to have runners and may not have the same risk factor as an event with tens of thousands of runners.

At this point, going the rate of those getting sick in Italy, it would not be a shock to me if Milan ended up cancelling. Yes, there is still just over a month but I would hope that they would copy Seoul’s approach and give runners fair enough notice before it is too late for traveling.

With the Paris Half Marathon being cancelled yesterday, I would imagine many are wondering what will happen with the actual Paris Marathon in just over a month as well. Wait and see on that one as well.

Virtual Marathons – Good Idea?

Something that has grown a bit over the last couple of years (with things like athlete connections on social platforms) is virtual races. This could be a great time for something like this. If a marathon does cancel, I think it would be a great idea for them to encourage runners to go ahead and run the “virtual” version of the race.

This would mean running the 26.2 miles and tracking it with their watch/device. After the race, they could upload that and claim their medal to be shipped. Of course, running 26.2 miles by yourself is not the most fun thing in the world (I have done it over 30 times myself) but it could be one way to not let your training program go to waste if you cannot make it to another marathon around the same time.

Tip: This could be a great time to consider some of the more exotic marathons since many of these places have not had coronavirus outbreaks. I will start posting about some of these options as well.

Are you signed-up for one of the marathons coming up in the next two months? What are your feelings about the marathons in light of the coronavirus?

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  • It’s really a shame. I’m worried about some of the smaller events that are privately funded. Having to cancel a race at the last minute and refund tons of already spent money could but many race organizers out of business I would imagine. I’m not sure what the finances are like for a group like the Rock N Roll races or Race for the Cure type organizers. I would imagine the elite events like London, Tokyo, Comrades, etc. would stay in business into the future but it could have a big impact on the smaller town marathons or private ones. I would assume insurance would kick in for those that have it under their business interuption coverage.

    • Totally hear you. The good thing with the smaller events is that they should be ok overall and may even pick up some of the runners that can’t do the bigger events. Some of these events have fewer people than a larger church would have so I would imagine they would not be cancelled.

    • Almost every race – large and small – has a “no refund” policy so even the smaller races likely will not have to refund any of the registration fees. Runners acknowledge this policy when they sign their race waivers during the registration process.

      There is especially no need to fret for the Rock n Roll Marathon races, as it (as well as the Ironman series) is owned by Dalian Wanda Group, which was founded by the wealthiest man in China and has incredible financial backing. The RnR and Ironman franchises will be just fine.

      • exactly – there are never refunds to runners. I try to sign up as late as I can to all but my marathons like Boston and Chicago for this year.

    • I was suppose to run Tokyo Marathon before it was cancelled. They informed everyone that it would be cancelled and no refund would be given. You were guaranteed entry next year, but you would have to repay that entry as well.

    • “DaninMCI” Interesting point. Thanks for letting us know about some of the politics and problems behind organizing certain marathons.

  • I’m registered to run Paris Marathon, it will be my 51st marathon & my 1st international race and first visit to Paris. I hope that the race organizers give us some notice. I plan to traveling from the Austin, TX (USA) with my daughter. I gave up running the Boston Marathon for Paris and it would unfortunate if they don’t give use enough notice to try to get some our money back & find another race. I understand if it gets cancelled due to health concerns but just proper notice would be highly appreciated. So far the Paris Marathon has not posted or email anything about the coronoravirus. Thank you for your informative article.

    • I’m signed up for Paris as well and am thinking that we won’t get to run 🙁 I have travel plans from Denver and an entire cascade of other family members traveling to watch our daughter. Really bummed to have spent all the money with likely no refunds.
      But still training and I guess we have to just wait!
      Best of luck to you as well!

      • I really hope for you all and the rest that it goes on! If not, I am hoping to put together some smaller marathons in the region that would likely not have to cancel and could be secondary options.

        • That would be a huge help to me since I will be traveling that way from Vancouver in Canada. It’s a long way for a disappointment. Other options would be great to know about

          • I’m also signed up to run the Paris Marathon. Whether it’s cancelled or not, I’m still running it. Whilst I’m only travelling from Wales, I’ve trained too hard not to run. In addition to that, I’ve paid for accommodation and travel – so may as well go!

            If anyone wishes to join me, see you at the start line at 8am on April 5th.

        • Paris Marathon is cancelled (as of 3/5). Although there is nothing on the official website, the French papers and BBC are reporting that it will be “postponed,” likely until the fall.

          • “JG” What I notice is that running clubs or organizations don’t have much information other than saying that a certain race or group of races are cancelled for the present time.
            Here in NY the New York Road Runner’s Organization ( really has no information or context on their website other than small notes on the online calendar saying that certain races that had been planned even for several months in the future will not take place.
            It is hard to find information about refunds of entry fees and such.
            I imagine it must be the same with other race organizations in other states or countries. Maybe overall worse. I hear some clubs or organizations are too small and don’t have the money to reach out to members or entrants. Who knows? I wonder about some running organizations .

    • Yes I am registered for Paris as well (only travelling by Eurostar from the UK) but it’s annoying they haven’t given any indication and it’s only four weeks away

  • This week the ITB Travel show in Berlin canceled. As for marathons, this is a fluid situation. If I had to guess, I’d say that the Italian marathons will certainly cancel. Paris may as well. The others will depend on the facts as they develop.

    • I am registered for the Berlin half marathon first week in April. Bearing in mind the travel show was cancelled, I’m not holding out much hope that it will be on. I will continue training nonetheless and have to make do with a parkrun in Berlin if they do cancel.

    • I was kind of surprised that ITB waited as long as they did since every other major conference for tech in Europe cancelled with a bit more advance than they did.
      I agree – I think for sure Milan will have to and likely Rome also. I imagine Paris would be a city call like the half.

      • Am still studying the event at hand about Corona virus cos am still of the opinion that they might cancel other marathon event coming up in germany cos am also preparing for Hannover marathon but am stuck whether to register or not cos I don’t wanna waste my money and raise my hope for nothing as well..

        • Totally get that. I am going to post about each marathon as soon as they may cancel so stay tuned. I will offer some alternatives should that happen but those alternatives may sell out quickly as well. So, it may be better to just wait and see.

  • I am signed up for the London Marathon. It is my first one and have a strong feeling from a risk assessment perspective it will be cancelled.

    • So, will London be your first marathon or it is your first London? Either way, I think London would do everything possible to not cancel. What is going for them is it is almost 2 months away!

  • I am registered for Rome and check coronavirus updates daily. Hoping they make the call by Friday. I’m planning on going regardless.

  • I managed to get a ballot place in London and also signed up for Edinburgh too. I am desperately hoping for a positive outcome for both as like most people, I have put my heart and soul into training. I totally appreciate control measures may need to be applied but do hope these are risk proportionate. Either way, I will run a marathon distance on the planned days as that was my original plan.

  • I am supposed to run Rome at the end of the month. If the marathon gets cancelled i will run around Rome for 26 miles anyway. My marathon is going down!

    • Love that attitude! Rome is definitely a beautiful city to run around no matter what and you cannot beat it for a pre-race pasta meal. 🙂

  • I am signed up for Paris. Very concerned that they may cancel. Would be nice to know now vs the day before the marathon!!

    • I think most would agree. Such a hard balance – wanting to wait to see if it can be pulled off while also trying to give the thousands traveling for it fair warning in case they would rather not travel if cancelled.

  • I’m booked up for Paris and a nice trip with wife and friends (5 days), it would be such a shame as it’s my first foreign marathon and I have trained so hard to get down near 3.30 from 3.51 PB!!!!! ‍♂️

    • It would be a shame but if it does get cancelled but i still fully intend on running. The route is published, there may be a few cars i would need to dodge… but not impossible… i think…

  • There are also the half marathons taking place. NYC has there half marathon which we are coming from Canada to participate in. No word yet if they will be postponing or cancelling

  • Also signed up for Jerusalem, checking regularly for information. Like you, our flight arrives a day ahead. It’s the “J” in my alphabet and “J” marathons are hard to find…Concerned that A) they will wait until the last minute to cancel; B) Flights could get canceled making in difficult to get there and home, and C) Getting stuck in Israel if there is an outbreak, like the cycling team currently in the UAE. The Israelis only rule they used in Tel Aviv didn’t make any sense, seems like runners are the least likely to be spreading disease.

  • I am signed up for Milan and I am still training hard to achieve the 42.195 km. I don’t want to take any risk and in my point of view they should cancel or postpone it for the security of all runners. I hope that we will get informed asap in order to cancel the travel and hotel fees in order not to waste too much money!
    If it is cancelled, I will try to run my own marathon by the lake of my town or maybe keep on training and run the Zurich or Geneva marathon (if they are maintained).

  • This will be a big week for the big city marathon organisers. But, once one of the big European city marathons gets cancelled – probably Rome, I think the rest will fall into that line. I am due to run London and Geneva, but think the odds are on both being cancelled, so will run them next year. Instead to ensure my training does not go to waste have entered a smaller more local marathon in early April which should escape any cancellation. Love the stoicism of people who will go to the city and run the marathon anyways, thats the way to play it.

    • I definitely agree. From what I am reading, Rome and Milan are insisting that they will not cancel but rather will need to follow a directive given by the government. With the schools now closed for 2 weeks, I highly doubt the government will let the Rome Marathon go on just under 2 weeks after that.
      I also love that runners are going to do it anyway!

    • Not cancelled – yet. 🙂 I have been reading about this the last few minutes as well. I know they have banned events over 5,000 but it seems that the organizers may try to find some way to get around that (since it is not in a closed-building/limited contact). I am really, really hoping they don’t!

      • I have a few friends running the shorter distances in JM, so I hope for yours and their sakes you are right! And as with Tel Aviv they could change their minds as well.
        I’m holding off booking any runs until there’s more certainty and not going to travel to any more atm!

  • I’m currently registered for the Rome marathon, and have every intention of going so long as the race is not cancelled. But I’m hoping if they cancel, they provide enough notice to change my flights for Berlin later in the year.

  • Los Angeles Marathon is this weekend March 8th and so far every activity are scheduled to take place as “planned”. California’s active coronavirus cases are increasing and their justification is they are “monitoring” the situation. Sometimes is not about how many people are currently infected in the area but how many people will be flying/traveling from different parts of the world to run these marathon. Safety should be the number one priority if there’s a need to postpone/cancel. Marathon organizations should have strict rules in place to let runners know of any changes in advance and not just a day before the race.

    • I’n shocked about LA going forward. CA and LA have declared states of emergency, other large gatherings have been cancelled, other races across the world have been cancelled. LA’s plan is more hand sanitizer at the start line. I mean, come on! I’m scheduled to race Sunday but I want them to defer it.

      • I want the same, calling to see if I can defer my entry. May plan a 26.2 on the beach instead. This is my first and its important for me to hit the goal.

  • I plan most of my trips with my wife and got a painful lesson on what trip insurance really covers with the cancellation of Tokyo this year. Ouch –

  • I am entered for Rome marathon along with a friend and our non running partners (flying from UK), flights already booked weeks ago with Easyjet, do hope if they cancel
    the marathon they hurry up and decide so we can make a decision on whether we cancel our plans or go there to site see instead, only worry is if we get quarantined over there so may not risk it and just have to loose the cost of the flights at least hotel can be cancelled 3 days before.
    Just watching and waiting.

  • Any truth to the rumor swirling around now that Paris is postponed. Supposedly they have told the exhibition folks, but no official word?

  • Yeah I heard that Paris is postponed until 18/10/20 but nothing has been made official … it’s just on some Facebook posts from exhibition staff such a shame

  • What are the chances of Prague marathon being cancelled (3rd May). I can understand the health is utmost important. But 1month advance notice should be given because hotels/visa other things need to be cancelled.

  • My two halfs in March are (were) NYC on 3/15 and Jerusalem on 3/20 (postponed or cancelled, TBD). NYC is still saying theirs is happening–curious if you’re hearing rumblings about it being cancelled?

  • I cannot believe LA isn’t cancelled – 27k people coming form 78 countries sounds a bit sketchy for the state of emergency….thoughts?

    • I just did a post now with the LA health board’s recommendations. I think LA feels they can pull it off and they feel that enough people may pull out to make it be a more comfortable number. Also, I think any runner feeling anything at all will skip it.
      The thing I worry about for many runners is the taper-immune drop. I have had this happen before and remember reading some medical articles about it. Your body is maintaining a very good edge during training but when taper starts and the mileage comes down, the body kind of thinks it can stop trying so hard to fight germs. I have gotten colds/etc during that time before. Hopefully, this doesn’t happen to these runners!

  • I’m running the Rock and Roll Marathon in San Diego in May. As of today, there are two cases of the Coronavirus in San Diego, but that number will certainly get larger. I don’t see this disease slowing down prior to the race in May.

    • I agree but, like I said to Christina, I think SD will be watching to see how LA goes tomorrow. If it is smooth and no spreading of the virus, I think San Diego will go on as scheduled.

      • The problem is there aren’t enough test kits available and as the CDC stated there are people walking around infecting people no knowing they’re carriers of the virus. As more people are tested the numbers have been going up. It’s too early to use LA as a template for future marathons this year as we’re in the very early phases of the virus.

  • Any thoughts on the NYC Half being cancelled? It’s a little over a week away and would like to make alternate plans. I was on my way to NYC when they cancelled the marathon due to Hurricane Sandy less than 48 hours in advance.

    • I think all organizers are watching to see what happens with LA tomorrow. If it goes well and no outbreak from it, all US races will go as scheduled, using the health recs from LA.

    • I haven’t heard anything on that but my guess is they will wait until at least mid-May before talking about it since many experts are saying the summer heat could help halt this thing.

  • Boston marathoner here. I’m growing pessimistic that they will postpone or cancel. The trend of developments with the virus are not good at all.

    • Thanks! I’ll update. About time they did that and strange they did it at this time of the night! I had been checking all day and figured there would be nothing until tomorrow.

  • Running my first marathon on 3/28 at the DC Rock and Roll! Any thoughts on that being cancelled? I keep checking and it seems like organizers are “monitoring the situation”.

  • Boston may be cancelled. The USA is far behind most developed countries when it comes to the testing for the coronavirus, so the real impact of the outbreak has not yet been experienced. I think, unfortunately, the number of infections will rise dramatically before the end of March and the BAA will need to respond.

  • Good day,
    I’m Supposed to be running my first full in Zurich April 26, any word or thoughts on if this marathon is still a go? The proximity to Italy has me worried.

    • I will add it to my monitoring list and update with any news! At this point, going by previous marathon cancellations, I do not think we will hear anything about it until at least April 1.

  • This is a really helpful article (especially the regular updates). Absolute radio silence from the organisers of Geneva (10th may) but I guess it’s now a question of when rather than if they postpone or cancel it. Has anyone heard anything about that one?

  • I’d be surprised if the upcoming races aren’t cancelled. All the races in San Diego between now and 30 days from now have either been cancelled or moved to virtual race.

  • Yes there are more important things, but on the other hand regular life has to continue at some point and a lot of the “unimportant” things serve a purpose.

    Sure it is said that marathons such as the NYC Marathon and the Boston Marathon close down major traffic thoroughfares and cause delays and inconvenience commuters, and cause a lot of noise in certain neighborhoods, and cost the city money to pay police officers and firemen to stay at certain parts of the route to aid injured runners, prevent trouble or bombings, etc.

    Marathons are merely sporting events such as basketball, baseball, tennis, bike-racing, and whatever else. Of course with a lot of marathons regular weekend-athletes or ordinary people participate along with the world’s elite runners so that there are throngs of runners going along the route. I think the only marathons in which there are only elite runners is the Olympic marathon and the Olympic trials, not counting the recent Tokyo marathon that was limited to elite competitors so that thousands of people do not travel to Tokyo and also congregate in one area.

    Under normal circumstances, but big-time marathons (and even some small ones) help bring revenue to the city or location in which it takes place. Hotels make money because runners come from different parts of the world to compete or take part. Some food vendors and/or stores make money because spectators come to the particular city or town to watch the marathon. Certain companies that make runner’s bibs and finish-line banners and barricades make business. Athletic-wear manufacturers make business. Etc., etc..

    It is all the way of economics in the modern day and age . The wheels of spending and earning must go on and actually much of what happens that has nothing to do with “saving people” or “heroism” things such like watching sports or sometimes participating in sports, in some way puts money into the bigger system of things so that it economically helps people who do more purposeful work. Some running events raise money for charities or bring attention to certain causes.
    Remember that cities are losing money because no sporting events or other forms of “entertainment” can be carried out in front of audiences at arenas or auditoriums or even theaters or parks or streets.
    Athletes are not “heroes” like first responders, or medical workers and people who aid others stricken with Covid-19. At best, through an athlete’s determination in his or her sport, s/he can inspire others. At worst, they are overpaid and overrated.
    But things are within their own context.

    Getting back to a regular economy with “frill” spending is going to be very important to most everyone .
    Again, life must go on.

  • Hello! Any news on the Chicago Marathon being postponed or canceled this year? I have tried to ask several reps but cannot get even a hint. I know that they are allowing runners to cancel on May 5th with the guarantee for next years entry. Anyone heard anything?

    • My guess is that we won’t hear anything from them on that until at least June. Berlin only canceled because of the government’s ruling. Most big fall marathons will want to see what happens with the virus and travel in early summer before calling it.