The 2020 Rome Marathon Cancelled Due to Coronavirus

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The 2020 Rome Marathon is now cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak in Italy. Read their statement and find out what to do next if you were traveling.

Another big marathon has cancelled – the Rome Marathon organizers announced that the 2020 Rome Marathon is cancelled. Here are the details about this marathon. Check back for some other options as well.

The 2020 Rome Marathon Cancelled

Here is the statement from the Rome Marathon organizers on their Facebook page:

“This is a message that we never wanted to write but unfortunately, following the health emergency in progress and the Government Decree, the #ACEARunRomeTheMarathon of 29 March has been cancelled.

We have worked and invested so much into it. We did it with passion and professionalism. We changed the name, logo, communication.

We thought of a marathon and an entirely new village. We had organised a great course offering music and surprises that would have surely amazed everyone.

Like you, we worked very hard during the #RRTMGetReady training sessions, which we organised for free in Rome and in many Italian cities. We met, laughed and shared emotions with you. We also planned projects and especially goal time to be hit during the race.

We photographed, filmed, as well as reposted your stories, your training sessions and achievements thousands of times.

Let’s freeze this experience, passion and desire. Health is the only asset that we must NEVER jeopardise. But we would like to make you a promise: we will double the efforts, enthusiasm, and colour next time. The eternal city together with its beauty and history is here forever.

Now, let’s put away those sad faces, as we are still marathon runners. We are strong, tenacious and stubborn. Nothing can stop our desire to run.

We look forward to seeing you in 2021, your registration fee will be moved and guaranteed FOR ALL next year. We’ll see you at the finish line in Via dei Fori Imperiali, which is the road used by the Romans steering their chariots. Finally, in the shadow of the Colosseum, we will put two medals around your neck. One for 2020, as a symbol of your strength and perseverance; and one for 2021 as a metaphor for your double victory.

The one who falls and gets back up is so much stronger than the one who never fell.

However, when we get up, we will RUN.”

Double Medals and Rolled Entry Fee – Well Done, Rome

Yes, they did say that the registration fee for all who had registered is good for next year and will be moved for 2021. That is a great move by them for sure to bring runners back next year.

Also, they mention that two medals will be given next year – one for this year and one for next year. That is a nice touch and one that will encourage those registered this year to try again next year.

What If You Were Traveling to Rome?

Many airlines have already put some waivers in place for Italy and have cancelled flights as well. Check with your airline to see if your flight is included in the waiver. If you were flying from the US and the flight has not been cancelled or a specific waiver given, only flights booked after March 1 or 3 (depending on the airline) will include the waiver. However, definitely check with them as they may make a case-by-case exception.

For hotels, major hotel chains have put waivers in place for cancellations in Italy due to coronavirus. So, definitely call the hotel or the travel company to get the refund process started.

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  • Meanwhile Alitalia tells passengers with flights booked to Rome to pound sand! Thanks Alitalia. Never flying on you again!