The 2020 Jerusalem Marathon Postponed Due to Coronavirus

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The 2020 Jerusalem Marathon has been postponed due to the coronavirus. Jerusalem joins a growing number of cities that have had to make changes due to coronavirus.

Another big name marathon has just made a change for 2020 – the Jerusalem Marathon. This was to have been the 10th running of this fantastic event. But, it is not being cancelled but postponed.

The 2020 Jerusalem Marathon Postponed Until November 6

Update: They have released a date for the Jerusalem Marathon and it will now be held on November 6If you wish to get a refund, you can do so at this website between March 22 and April 30.

Yesterday (March 4), the Health Ministry of Israel gave a directive about how they would be handling the various aspects of the Coronavirus in Israel and from those coming from abroad. This included isolation for any Israeli coming from China, Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand, Singapore, France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain and Austria.

Now, the Jerusalem Marathon is postponed until after the Jewish holidays in October. The new date is November 6.

(This is translated from their Facebook page – will put up the actual English version when they post)

On the background of the spread of the epidemic epidemic in Israel and around the world, and in light of the requirement of the ministry of health and the real health of the tens of thousands of participants, the mayor of Jerusalem decided, Mr. Moshe Lion-mşh lyʼwn to postpone the 10th Jerusalem winner marathon planned to exist March 2020.

According to the hour, the marathon will be postponed for the month of October after the holidays. The decision was received after the assessment of a joint situation with the rule of municipal factors and full and with the ministry of health in order to maintain the safety of all the participants of the marathon, viewers and residents of the

The rejection of the marathon is meant to allow the 40 thousand participants to take part in one of the most beautiful and beautiful mhmrţwnym in the world, after being treated for long months.
We hope to see everyone at the renewed time and expect a challenging and exciting International Sports event for a year.

What To Do?

We are now just over 2 weeks from the start time that had been set. That means you still may be able to cancel your hotel booking if you did not do a prepaid rate.

Even if you did a prepaid rate, some booking sites – like and – are offering free cancellations for regions that are affected by the coronavirus. Login to your booking on those sites to see what options are available to you.

Who Still Wants to Run Jerusalem?

The race will now be happening in October of 2020 but a date has not yet been given. For anyone traveling from overseas, you may be able to change your flight reservation but wait until we know the date for sure as any airlines offering fee-free changes are only allowing them once.

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