The 2020 Paris Marathon Has Been Postponed – Details and Trip Info

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Written by Charlie

It is official – the 2020 Paris Marathon has been postponed until later this year. Find out the details as well as some travel suggestions.

Yet, another big marathon has fallen to the coronavirus. It has just been confirmed that the 2020 Paris Marathon has been postponed. Here are the details that we know so far as well as the links for the airlines so you can check their policies regarding changing your flights to the new dates.

The 2020 Paris Marathon Has Been Postponed

The Paris Marathon is the 3rd big marathon today to announce a cancellation or postponement (see this post for constant updates regarding the upcoming marathons). The 2020 Paris Marathon has been moved to October 18, 2020. Here is the statement regarding this move:

What If You Were Traveling to Paris?

Many airlines have already put some waivers in place for certain countries and have cancelled flights as well. But, as of right now, France is not one of the countries with cancelled flights. So, you will need to check with your airline to see if your flight could be included in the waiver. If you were flying from the US and the flight has not been cancelled or a specific waiver given, only flights booked after March 1 or 3 (depending on the airline) will include the waiver. However, definitely check with them as they may make a case-by-case exception.

Here is what I would suggest. Contact the airline and let them know that your marathon has just been postponed due to the Coronavirus and you would like to still be able to run it in October. Since they have already demonstrated that they can waive the change fees for some, ask if they would make a onetime exception for you since you now have no reason to go to Paris in April. This has worked for some runners with other marathons.

For hotels, while major chains have provided waivers for Italy, many have not addressed the situation in France yet. If you have a refundable rate, go ahead and cancel it now. Otherwise, you can ask them if they would let you cancel it due to the marathon cancellation. Or, you could wait a couple of weeks to see if a waiver is put in place (likely to happen if the virus continues growing in France). I will update with more information.

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  • Great information Charlie! I’m outside the waive date however, hopefully United flight (from USA) can be changed November

    • Thanks, Angeka! That’s too bad but I would suggest just waiting for now since you have nothing to lose. If it gets worse in France, you may have a better chance at getting them to waive the fee.

  • I booked though after I knew about the moved I contacted them about Moving the reservation to October. I was unsuccessful also after contacting the hotel directly. this is so unfair and also I’m so disappointed the french government haven’t done anything about it.

    • Just wait a little longer. France is not on the list for any of the hotels yet but it should be within the next week or so. You can try again then.