The LA Marathon Is Still On and Should Be the Most Sanitary Ever with New Recommendations

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The LA Marathon will be going on, in spite of the coronavirus. But, there are many recommendations in place that should make it the most sanitary marathon ever!

In spite of California being in a state of emergency, public officials have said that the LA Marathon will go on. But, they did make several recommendations for runners and viewers which should make the LA Marathon the most health-conscious race ever run in America! While there are many changes for major marathons around the world, the LA Marathon will go on with these recommendations.

The LA Marathon and Its Health Recommendations Against Coronavirus

First and foremost, they recommend that if a runner is feeling sick, that runner should not participate tomorrow. But, they go far beyond that in what they recommend for the race and its participants – including things like keeping a distance of 6 feet between yourself and people you don’t know and frequent hand washing throughout the marathon.

While there had been 27,000 runners that had signed up, I seriously doubt it will be anywhere close to that many that will actually toe the line tomorrow. I have already heard from many runners who do not want to run in it with the virus being around.

I mean, this is a marathon being run over 26.2 miles of LA County with a lot of potential for germ passing so I get it! Also, they say that runners from 78 countries will be in town for the marathon (however, they are allowing a deferral for runners that would be coming from countries infected with the virus). But, for those who are running, here is what is being recommended.

For Spectators: 

  • It is recommended that spectators who are sick with even mild illness remain at home.
  • Those planning to attend should engage in social distancing – a term used to stop or slow the spread of a contagious disease – and keep a distance of at least 6 feet between you and another person who is not your family member or friend.
  • Please do not share food or water bottles, avoid shaking hands
  • frequently wash hands or use hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol, particularly before eating, after using the restroom and after blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing.

For Runners:

  • if you feel sick even with mild illness on the day of the marathon, please do not participate.
  • The recommendations are that you wash your hands or use hand sanitizer prior to the start of the race, and do not shake hands with other participants or the public along the course.
  • Please do not share water or food with other runners and frequently use hand sanitizer provided to you along the course.

This is the first time I have seen marathon runners encouraged to use hand sanitizer during the race! This should prove interesting and even the dispensing of the hand sanitizer would need to be, you know, sanitary.

Habits or Health?

The tough thing for runners is that habit takes over. It is quite common to share stuff with runners during a race, high-five spectators, hug it out with runners you gutted it out with for miles, blow “snot rockets” during the race, and more. It is obvious that LA wants to make sure that this is the most sanitary marathon run.

All Marathon Eyes on LA

It is not a surprise that they are doing this, either. No US marathon has cancelled or postponed (yet) and many organizers will be watching what happens with the LA Marathon. If there are a lot of cases that come from it, you can bet that other races will face cancellations or postponements.

But, if not, I would be surprised to see the Boston Marathon, for example, be cancelled.

6 Feet?

Of course, keeping that 6 feet distance will be interesting – especially for runners in the starting corrals! I mean, there is no room in corrals! Plus, if runners needed to keep that distance, on LA arterial roads (for example), they could only run 9 across (the roads are 56 feet wide) and the running crowd would stretch for miles right away!

Are you running the LA Marathon tomorrow? Good luck to all who do run and stay healthy!

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  • Runners tend to be low risk since most tend to be healthy and likely would not have any respiratory issues. Fingers crossed all will be ok tomorrow. I’d be more concerned if I were a spectator.

    • What happen in Italy is meaningless in this case. Hopefully, it won’t become another disaster.