The Airline That Served My Favorite Series of Meals in Business Class – All On One Trip

Best business class meal
Written by Charlie

On a recent trip, this airline served the best meals on both business class flights that I have had on any business class flights before. Everything was done perfectly!

I have flown some airlines that serve some pretty amazing food – I mean, Turkish Airlines and Austrian even have their chefs onboard for business class passengers! Then you also have airlines like Qatar and Cathay Pacific that also have standout meals in business class.

The Airline That Served My Favorite Series of Meals in Business Class

But, on my trip last week, I had the best series of meals on a trip that I have ever enjoyed. Sure, some airlines have had better appetizers or better main courses but this particular trip had stand out meals from the regional business class meal to every single course on the long-haul business class flight!

SWISS Flight from Thessaloniki – Zurich

This flight clocks in at flight 2 hours and 10 minutes aboard an Airbus A320. This would be considered a regional flight and would be similar to a Delta flight from Buffalo, NY to Atlanta.

Of course, that is right where the similarities end. Yes, Delta is making great strides in upgrading their cabins and European regional business class is nothing more than economy seats with the middle seat blocked out. But, the service and food is way beyond what Delta, United, or AA serves domestically.

I went with the chicken option that was spinach-stuffed chicken. When it was served up, I was very surprised at the size of the chicken. It was larger than I had thought it would be and, when I cut in, I had my second surprise. It was actually tender and moist and tasted fantastic!

Best business class meal

The chicken meal on the regional business class SWISS flight

The spinach filling added extra flavor that was just really good and this meal was likely the best regional business class meal I have ever had. Meat/poultry served on planes can be difficult to get right but this was just perfect.

Best business class meal

Perfectly prepared chicken meal on SWISS

SWISS Flight from Zurich – JFK

The connecting flight was LX14, a 8 hour and 30 minute flight using an Airbus A330. I had the best business seat onboard (the “throne” seat in the mini business cabin) and the flight itself was really empty!

Best business class meal

The SWISS throne seat in the mini business cabin

Since the first meal was so good on the regional flight, I was looking forward to this meal. I have had meals in SWISS business before but they were never standouts. I have to be honest – nothing on the menu stood out to me as something I really wanted but figured I would go for it anyway.

Here is a photo of the menu from the flight:

Best business class meal

The SWISS Air menu for Zurich – JFK in business class

Let me start by saying this – I am a huge pizza fan so that should tell you I am not a super fancy food kind of guy. 🙂 I rarely eat everything on my plate on an airplane since there is always something that is not appetizing to me (don’t get mad but I am not a shrimp fan!).

I went with the smoked quail breast for the first appetizer.

Best business class meal

The first course from SWISS Air in business

Everything on that plate was just perfect! The millet was excellent as well and that is not something I would normally describe the taste of as it never really “tastes” to me.

For the main course, I went with the Luma beef patties. There is not that much that I can describe the taste of it with words since I am not a food blogger, but this was easily the best beef I have ever had on an airplane! It was just delicious and it went perfectly with the potato gratin.

Best business class meal

The main course of Luma beef patties – SWISS air business

I realize the photos aren’t that appetizing (took it with my old phone) but you will have to trust a pizza/hamburger fan that this was really great!

My apologies but I don’t have the photo of the arrival plate but that too was just great. Of course, the Swiss chocolate they gave out was smooth and delicious as well.

Normally, when I am landing in JFK or taking off from some of my favorite cities, I don’t really eat much onboard. That is because what I can get on the ground is often better than what the airline is going to deliver. This time, thanks to the first meal I enjoyed, I made an exception and cleaned every plate that SWISS served me.

Best business class meal

In the first class portion of the photo, you can see part of the great TV they have compared to the old one in business

The business class on the SWISS A330 planes is definitely aging and in need of an upgrade (you realize how poor the entertainment unit is when you see it in comparison to the beautiful one in first class) but the food service is top-notch.

Have you tried SWISS business class meals? What do you think?

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