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Awesome New Way to Save Big on Garmin Watches!

Written by Charlie

There is a new way to get some great discounts on pretty much any Garmin GPS watch – including the brand new models! You don’t even need a discount code!

If you follow the blog, you know I am keen on finding great deals and discounts on Garmin watches. Not only do I like finding them, but analytics tell me that many of you like the deals as well!

Awesome New Way to Save Big on Garmin Watches

Link: Greentoe

Well, there is a new way to get a great deal on a Garmin watch – and you don’t even need a discount code or to stack deals! It is using a website that I use a lot for other electronics and they just today started offering fitness devices as well.

What is Greentoe?

Review of Greentoe

The company is called Greentoe and they are basically to tech what Priceline/Hotwire is to travel. They are completely legit and I have used them for a while. They act as the middleman where you tell what price you are willing to pay for a device (and they have a helpful meter to show you the feasibility of that offer being accepted).

They then take that offer to legitimate, US dealers (that have full warranties for the manufacturers) that even offer return policies. The offer, if accepted, is then processed and the item shipped out. There is a very fast turnaround on that also!

The only “catch” is that this is a little like fight club – you can’t talk about which retailer gave you the deal. Obviously, you can figure out why – they are doing this deal on an opaque basis and they don’t want other people calling/walking into their shop and saying “you gave it to my friend for this price, why can’t you give it to me too?” 🙂

To find out more about Greentoe, check out my review on them here.

Ok, The Garmin Deals!

So, they now offer deals for fitness devices and this is huge for Garmin fans! Garmin traditionally frowns on discount codes being used on their products with retailers (though there are a few ways around that). By using Greentoe, retailers don’t have a problem with Garmin on that because there is no public offer/deal being given or discount codes used.

This means that you can save some significant money on Garmin watches – even the latest (and really pretty great) Garmin Forerunner 945 (which I just stopped using my Apple Watch Series 4 in favor of) and the Garmin Forerunner 245 and 45 watches!

So, I can’t say what prices will work with certainty but I can say that the green showing above looks pretty similar to the green on other items I have had successful offers on that! That price represents a $85 discount over retail – and there is no sales tax added on or shipping!

If that price is too low, retailers will come back to you with a counter. If you were to go up to $550, it looks even better.

How Can Retailers Offer This?

Here’s the thing with Garmin retailers – most of these sports-related shops have loyalty programs that will pay back up to 10% of your purchase price in points for a future purchase. Not only that, but they also have some generous affiliate payouts (one such retailer I have as an affiliate pays 10% to the affiliate site!). So, that is some significant money they are offering on sales.

By going through Greentoe, they don’t have to award loyalty points or affiliate cash (but some kind of middleman arrangement with Greentoe) so the prices can be very good.

So, if you are in the market for a new Garmin watch, give Greentoe a try! You may be surprised and you will get a great deal!

I get a small commission if you use my link and buy something through Greentoe – thanks for the support!

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