Review: Greentoe – The Name-Your-Price Website for Electronics and Fitness Equipment

Review of Greentoe
Written by Charlie

Check out this review of Greentoe – a website that will let you name your own price for electronics and fitness equipment! With Greentoe, you don’t have to wait for that next discount to drop – name it now!

Most of the electronics that I have had (and sold) over the years came to me as a result of deal stacking and/or open box deals. This has helped me to get various pieces of gear that gave me great value for less. It also helped me to resell these pieces after a few months or even over a year of use for close to the same price that I had originally paid.

Review: Greentoe – the Name-Your-Price Website for Electronics and Fitness Equipment

Link: Greentoe

But, what if you could name your own price on gear and not have to spend the time on searching for deals so much? When I first heard about the website Greentoe, I wasn’t looking for anything that they had at the time. But, I have now had a few chances to use them over the past few months and absolutely love the experience – and the deals!

So, I thought it was time to give a review of Greentoe for any readers that also like to get a good deal on electronics and fitness gear. No Garmin watches yet but hopefully soon! 🙂

I cover a lot of deals here on things that interest me and, as I have found, interest some of you readers. These items are things that Greentoe also offers up so I thought it would be good to share (not to mention that I get some referral credit if you use my link for your purchase! 🙂 ).

What Is Available?


Here are the categories of things that Greentoe offers:

  • Photo
  • TV and Home Theater
  • Appliances
  • Fitness
  • Optics
  • Outdoors
  • Music Gear
  • Pro Audio
  • Computers
  • Pro Video

They just added the Fitness category a little while ago and are quickly filling it out with some nice deals on treadmills and other pieces of fitness gear.

How Does It Work?

I prefer using the app for simplicity of use, but you can use either the app or the website. When you enter what you are looking for, you will see an average price and the lowest price. Then you can enter your price.

The gauge will show you by color what the chances of your offer being accepted are. The greener the color, the better the chance you have of being accepted.

review of Greentoe

If you select a price too low, you may receive a counter offer from a retailer. If you decline that, you can still wait or you can modify your offer to bring it a little closer to the counter offer.

Once an offer has been accepted, your card will be charged (unless you select to use PayPal, in which case you will be sent an invoice after the deal has closed) and your order will go into pending shipment and then ship out.

The price you agree on is the final price! Nothing extra like tax or shipping, it is the total cost! This is great for people that, for example, like to buy photo/video gear. The largest dealer in the country for that type of gear is B&H in NYC. As someone who lives in NY, I have to pay tax on anything I get from them. Using Greentoe, I can get better deals than I used to get from B&H on open box and it is the final price with nothing extra!

But, How?!

Think of Hotwire or Priceline with their name-your-own price deals. This is the same thing but for equipment. But, there is one other thing – part of the deal is that you do not mention online or to others who the retailer is that you got a deal from. As you can imagine, the retailers would get a lot of angry comments from people that came directly to them and paid full price if they knew that you got the same thing for much less.

That is part of the deal and definitely something I can live with (which is why I do not mention even the items and prices here – just to be extra cautious).

Where Does This Gear Come From?

Everything offered through Greentoe is from reputable dealers of the various equipment and comes with return policies as well as regular warranties since these are US models. Your deal will actually take place with the retailer that accepts your offer but you will not know which retailer it is until the offer has been accepted.

Does It Work?

I have bought several things through Greentoe so far and every time, it has worked out perfectly. I have saved more money on brand new gear with full warranties than I could have saved on open box or even used deals from many of the same retailers.

I just had another wonderful experience yesterday with a deal on an item that was much better than I had even thought possible. Suffice it to say, I will be back again and again, especially if/when they start carrying more fitness gear.

When NOT To Use Greentoe

Always check the prices with retailers that have great deals with shopping portals! If you are shopping for something like the GoPro HERO6 and you have an Amex Offer for a retailer that is currently offering 15 miles per dollar, you would likely be better doing it that way than going through Greentoe. As always, compare deals to see what is best!

But, if you want something ASAP and you want the best deal, Greentoe definitely has the advantage with that!


So, go over and give it a spin! If there is something you have been waiting to drop in price, see what you can get it for through Greentoe. Remember, they are just the brokers of these sales – your actual transactions will be with the retailers themselves, just as if you bought it online.

In fact, if there are manufacturer rebates on an item, you can take advantage of those as well!

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