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The ANA Credit Card Ups Its Game

ANA credit card
Written by Charlie

ANA (All Nippon Airways) has a great airline, but some really strange credit card offers. I wrote about one a couple of weeks ago that was just a poor offer for a credit card. I said it was certainly a credit card offer to avoid.

ANA Credit Card Ups Its Game

Well, it appears that they have upped their game a little (due in no part to my post!). Now, instead of 3,000 miles after flying, they will give you 5,000 miles with your first purchase and an additional 5,000 miles for a subscription to … TV Japan. 🙂

ANA credit card

The new ANA credit card offer

I totally get that I am not their target audience. Obviously, there are many people that live in the US that have family in Japan and can understand Japanese. For them, subscribing to TV Japan (“only 24 hour premium Japanese language channel available in North America”) would be something that they might already do (at a cost of $25 a month). And, having 10,000 ANA miles for just using the card once and having a TV Japan subscription would actually be a good deal. That many miles would be more than enough for a ticket in Japan, so it could have great value for someone that could use that.

Again, I am not one of their target audience, though this is only targeted to US residents, but it is nice to see them slowly stepping up their game. Who knows? In a few months years, it may be at the rate that normal credit cards are at! Maybe if they required an ESPN subscription, I could be one of their target audience… 🙂

For those interested, this card is offered by the First National Bank of Omaha.

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  • annual fee waived the first year? how soon can i cancel TVJ? how long until the miles post?
    i live in Japan. 10K miles almost gets you a round trip flight (12K miles)

    • No, the annual fee is not waived and is $70. After you submit proof of the TVJ subscription, you should be free to cancel. Proof must be submitted within two months and before October 31, so the most you would pay for is 2 months. Unfortunately, the offer is only open to US residents.