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An Airport With Very Fast and Free WiFi!

fast and free WiFi
Written by Charlie

Having access to fast and free WiFi can be a big help – both for work and play! This airport understands that and gives both to all passengers!

If you are like me, one of the things you enjoy about lounges is the free WiFi. It is a big help in getting things done because the airport’s WiFi is either very slow and it costs something. Well, this was one airport with very fast and free WiFi – a joy to use!

An Airport With Very Fast and Free WiFi

I realize the fast part will be relative but if you are like me, many of my connections are still under 30 Mbps, whether it is cellular or home WiFi. Airports normally do not get better than that for me and lounges are hit and miss with the high speeds.

fast and free WiFi

Fast and free WiFi available at the Vienna Airport

Vienna Airport understands that need for speed and they have a fantastic WiFi service that offers it for fast and free. Here is what they say about it:


Mobility and international information transfer via Internet call for wireless LAN and a power supply. Nowhere is this more important than at an airport. Vienna Airport therefore offers passengers free wireless Internet access in all areas, including restaurants. A notebook equipped with a WiFi compatible Wireless Lan card or a smartphone is required. Your device does not have to be specially configured.

Power outlets can also be found in all lounges and in the waiting areas for gates B, C, D, F and G.

fast and free WiFi

The WiFi speeds at the Vienna Airport – free for all!

And fast it is! I was surprised to find speeds of over 90 Mbps download and over 110 Mbps upload! Again, maybe for you that is not that fast, but for most of my internet access points, that is very fast!

It is not only great for work and getting things done online quicker but also great if you are traveling with kids or a family (little tip – there is a great family fun gate in the area of F gates, a great place to let the kids stretch out before/after a long flight!). It lets you download apps and media very fast if you need to grab that quick movie/tv/app before your next flight. Nice if you burned through them all the plane for the kids and you want to refresh the supply!

What is the fastest, free internet you have had in airports?

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