This Daily Getaway Deal Gave Me Great Value!

Written by Charlie

This Daily Getaway deal ended up saving me quite a bit of money – and it did not cost that much to purchase in the first place! Put it on your list for next year!

The Daily Getaway deals have come to an end but this shows you the kind of value you can get from even the “little” deals!

This Daily Getaway Deal Gave Me Great Value

$30 Avis Certificate – Great Savings

I bought into a couple of the Daily Getaway deals – 2 Avis certificates (for $30 each) and 2 Alamo $25 off certificates. Of course, I wanted to buy into the “best” Daily Getaway deal but I and most others missed out on that!

While the Daily Getaway deal terms said the Avis certificates would be mailed to the address within 10 business days, it came in about 4 days. Great news!

Premium Car = $39

It was great news because I had to rent a car for someone in Chicago shortly after that and the rates were just insane for a one day rental. Granted, this was a regular weekday and I was trying to rent from a Chicago airport location so that would just stand to reason that rates would be high.

daily getaway dealBut, I went ahead and used the certificate for their rental. I did have to call in to book the car. The process was quick and easy. The rep on the phone confirmed that it was for an economy through premium class car and asked me what class I wanted. That was easy – Premium class it was!

The certificate terms said that taxes still need to be paid but that was actually not the same as the regular taxes and fees that would go on a rental reservation. In this case, the total in taxes was $9 – not bad at all.

In the end, the rental cost $39, counting the taxes and the $30 certificate. In exchange, the certificate was redeemed for a Lincoln MKZ premium class car. The going price for that vehicle on that day? $120 after taxes and fees! To make it even better, the cheapest rental available for that day was $90 after taxes and fees. That means that this Daily Getaway deal saved me over 50% at minimum for the rental.

Using Your Avis Certificate

To reserve your car, simply call the number on the certificate. They will give you the total cost when you make the reservation.

When you pick up the car, you must have the certificate with you! Turn that into the agent and you will be all set! Unfortunately, the certificate is not good for rentals in the New York Metro area so you will not be able to get any great deals there. Other than that, it is pretty wide open!


That is a great savings! My only regret is that I did not buy more of the certificates. Well, now I know what will be on my list again next year! If you ever have one day rentals during the week in cities as well, make sure you price out to see what these certificates could save you. In my case, this Daily Getaway deal was truly a great deal and a money saver!

If you bought them, do not forget that they can be used for up to Premium class cars! They are nice and it will be the same cost as if you rented an economy model!

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