7 Amazing Places To Run

amazing places to run
Written by Charlie

Everyone has their bucket list – some are travel related, career related, location related, exercise related, etc. For me, one of the fun things about our hobby is the ability to merge two bucket lists in one – places to run and being able to travel.

7 Amazing Places To Run

I was looking at various lists that people had made about places that everyone has to run and found that I had actually already run some, with some others being places that are on my bucket list, and still others in places I had not thought about. I thought I would bring together some of these recommendations as well as some of those on my own bucket list.

Niagara Falls

amazing places to run

Niagara Falls

Because I grew up just 100 minutes from this iconic sight, I forget how much beauty it has for so many people and how many treat this as a dream destination. If you think it is beautiful to see, seeing it as you towards it can be even better. I have seen Niagara Falls dozens of times, but cresting the hill to see the falls after feeling the splash on my face from them is really something.

There are many running routes, including those along the gorge, that can provide some beauty. If you like road running, they have that and it can give you the constant look at the falls as well. Niagara Falls is definitely a place that you should consider!

Torres del Paine National Park

amazing places to run

Torres del Paine

This beautiful part is located in southern Chile and really brings a lot of exotic natural beauty together. I have visited this gorgeous site before but had not had the chance to run it at the time. Even when I was walking through the paths and by the glaciers and icebergs, the one thing I kept thinking about was how much I would love to just take a day to run and take it all in. If you make it anywhere near this part of the world, carve out a day or so for a run that you will never forget. One thing – just make sure you take a camera with you!

Central Park, NYC

Yes, a place of running refuge in the midst of the bustling activity that is Manhattan! That is what Central Park is to the city’s runners and it is a place on the list of many who visit the beautiful city. Central Park is really perfect for running and can give you the natural beauty around you while showing you hints and slivers of the skyscrapers that make up one of the most iconic cities in the world.

If you visit New York City, do yourself a favor and make sure that one of your runs take place in Central Park. You will be running in a place where many famous runners have run before you and where they come when they are there. In fact, the US Olympic Marathon Trials for 2008 was held entirely within Central Park – the running greats of America all running there at the same time!

Larapinta Trail, Australia

This is one of the runs on my personal bucket list. I love deserts! I love running in them, I love getting deeper into them and just seeing the extreme beauty that comes forth from the broad expanse of earth. After seeing pictures and hearing stories about the Outback, as well as having thoroughly enjoyed my time in Australia, I put it on my list to one day run a course someplace in the Outback.

The Larapinta Trail heads west from Alice Springs and extends out 223km further into the country. It includes some great scenery and is a popular trail with hikers. Of course, a really great challenge would be to run the whole length of it, but would obviously require someone to crew you along the way and return you to the beginning. For more about the Larapinta Trail, check out this site.

MacRitchie Reservoir Loop, Singapore

amazing places to run

From CNN

I have never been here, but it is on several must-run lists so it must have some great qualities! This is a 10km loop that is said to be the great runner’s escape from the bustle of Southeast Asia. It takes you on varied running surfaces on a trail into the jungle where you may even have the opportunity to see some monkeys along the way!

It is made for runners with shower and bathroom facilities as well as storage lockers. If you find yourself in this area, make sure you take it in and then send me the photos! Here is the route.

Grand Canyon

Another made for running place is the Grand Canyon. One of the most popular trails is the South Rim to the North Rim (20 miles). I have been to the Grand Canyon before and had I not been with my family, I would have taken off on that run (I even had my running clothes in the car and everything!).

The Grand Canyon can be a challenging place to conquer. Running it between October and November or March and April can give you a more comfortable running environment as well as great scenery. Just be ready to get your quads trashed! Here is a guide on completing it.

Pacific Coast Trail

amazing places to run

Pacific Coast Trail

This is another great place that is on my bucket list. There are many races that take place along this 2,663 scenic trail and it will give you some of the best scenery that you have ever seen. The route itself passes through 25 national forests and 7 national parks, so some of the best that America has to offer in natural beauty will be along this trail.

For more information about the PCT and the runs that take place along it, check out this site.

Honorable Mention

Updated: For some reason, when I was writing this, Washington DC totally slipped my mind! It had been on my mind when I thought about it and I forgot it – thanks to the readers below who mentioned and reminded me because this is definitely one my personal amazing places to run. I have enjoyed running there several times and running in the National Marathon (only marathon to take place completely within the District) twice. I am jealous of the DC based runners as they have beautiful views, nice streets, and great running paths as well. Getting to run by and around the monuments is always a highlight! Definitely put DC on your running bucket list!


The world is a big place – obviously, there are many other places that could be on this list and even beat out ones on this one. But, this is just a portion of what I find to be some of the most amazing places to run in the world. Why don’t you add to it? Leave a comment below about a place on your bucket list or one that you have actually run and why it is so great.

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  • Victoria Peak in Hong Kong is amazing! As I recall there is a 5 mile loop which provides great views of both Central and the Southern part of the Island.

    Enjoy reading your blog. Keep up the good work.


  • These all look like amazing places to run. My favorite place to run is down the National Mall in DC, starting at the Capitol Building around sunset down the Mall to Virginia and back. It’s impossible for me to ever beat that run.

    • You are absolutely right! I had forgotten to add DC so I just put it in the post. DC is one of my all-time favorite places to run as well. I will have to try your route next time I am there, maybe we can hook up for a nice run?

  • The DC Mall is on my bucket list. My favorite runs that I’ve experienced are:
    Along the Embarcadero in San Francisco from the Financial district down to Fisherman’s Wharf. It’s best early in the morning in a light mist or fog.
    I also really enjoy running along Westcliff Drive in Santa Cruz.
    Another favorite in around the French Quarter in New Orleans in the early daylight like 6am’ish.

    • Great choices! I had forgotten to include DC and edited the post to add it as it is one of my favorites. San Francisco is on several lists as well! I have been there but had not run – hopefully someday!

  • I would highly recommend the Niagara Falls Marathon. You get to start in Buffalo (at an art museum, which is a really delightful place to pass the time while you wait for the starting gun!) and then run across the border over the Peace Bridge into Canada, finishing right in front of the falls on the Canadian side! Beautiful scenery and a really well-organized experience. I’ve done it three times and can’t wait to go back again this fall 🙂