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Save $100 On iPads/Tablets And Earn Big Points = $379 iPad Air

Save $100
Written by Charlie

Staples has a coupon going on from now through the 16th. It lets you save $100 on tablets or computers that are regularly priced at $499 or more.

Granted, they have marked up some of the computers and tablets to compensate for this coupon, but the two things they cannot touch for markup are the iPad tables and Samsung tablets. Those prices are fixed, so this is a great opportunity to either get a great deal on a tablet for yourself, for a friend/family member, or to resell for the points.

Start With The Portal

UPDATE: It appears as if the code – 79449 – has expired. I will update if it comes back on. Hopefully, that means many of you got some good stuff!

Probably the best portal to use is the Ultimate Rewards mall which currently has Staples at 4 points per dollar! Combine that with using a Chase Ink Bold or Chase Ink Plus (which give 5 points per dollar) and you are looking at 3,591 points (pre-tax) on a tablet that you spend $399 on (after the $100 coupon). Great deal!

Save $100

Great deal through UR portal

So, start with the UR portal and keep your Ink card handy. Now, it does say that the portal does not work with codes not available on the website. Reports have been that people have received the points using codes like the one below, but if you are going to purchase a computer that is $549 or more, there is a code on the Staples front page that can give you peace of mind.

Buy Your Tablets From Staples

Like I said, the tablets that may provide the best value in this situation would be iPads or the new Samsung Galaxy S tabs. Using this code, you will be getting these tablets at the cheapest price available to the general public. Even with tax, you should still be able to resell it for a little profit if you only want to do this for the points.

The code to use at checkout for an item $499 or more is 79449. You can enter this at checkout to get the priced dropped $100.

Save $100

Great price for the iPad Air!

An incredible deal is to purchase the 16GB iPad Air. Because the coupon is valid on items which have the regular price at $499 or higher and that Staples has $20 off iPads, you can get the $499 iPad Air for $379! That is a great deal! Couple that with the 3,400 Ultimate Reward points you will pick up (which could be valued at around $61) and you are looking at an effective out-the-door price of $318 (pre-tax) for the iPad Air! That is pretty good!

Even if you don’t want to keep this, you could sell it and make a little profit while getting almost enough points for a one-way award ticket using Avios (4,500 Avios required for short-haul).

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  • Nice find, 2 questions: could you use a card other than chase through the ultimate rewards portal (minimum spend for Citi card is priority for me right now) and still get the UR points? and is this limited to one per household?

  • Doesn’t work for me. States “Coupon code not yet valid”
    And the one on staples front page doesn’t work for tablets.

    • It looks like the coupon has expired and I updated the post. Right, I must have forgotten to add that the other coupon was only for computers (I went to check and must have forgotten to add it – thanks).

  • You can use coupon code 67434 in the store or coupon code 95676 vie the Internet or telephone for select computers regularly priced $549 and above — but the code expires on August 9, 2014; so act quickly if it is still good.