3 Things I HATE When Running

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Written by Charlie

Running is a great fitness activity that can also be a great way to see some beautiful places around the world. But, there are 3 things that I hate when running that can range from annoying to outright dangerous. Add your things in the comments as well!

I absolutely love running! For me, it is just a great way to get out and enjoy the world around me, have some quiet time on my way, listen to things I may not otherwise have time to, get a great workout in, and constantly challenge myself.

3 Things I HATE When Running

That being said, there are some things that happen when running that can be really annoying. All 3 of these things I hate when running can be eliminated by running on a treadmill indoors but that takes away many of the things I love about running. 🙂


While dogs may be man’s best friend, they can certainly be a runner’s enemy! Let me say first that I have grown up with dogs and really love them. But, I have almost been bitten by dogs many times when out on runs.

These are not nice domesticated dogs but dogs either out in the country on farms or dogs that are either strays or just like to be aggressive with people. When I was running near my last home in the US, I had a friend actually recommend that I get a small pistol to carry around because of how dangerous some of the dogs were in that area. I did have to beat a few back with sticks and rocks and the same around my current running routes.

I especially hate it when they speed up behind me and I don’t hear them until the last moment before they reach me! You should see my heart rate graph when that happens! 🙂

So, I could definitely do without dogs when I am running! But, I do wish I had my own dog that liked to run with me! 🙂


This may sound like a strange one but I have gotten hit a few times and had some dangerously close calls at other times. What makes rocks or stones dangerous when running is when they are in the path of a car and the tire of the car kicks them backwards in my direction. I have had some stones hit me very hard in the calf and they have caused some deep bruises.

I have had near misses as well with some whizzing by my head. What I normally do is to kick aside any rocks or stones from the road when I am running to prevent this happening to me or to someone else.


Yes, bugs can be really bad! I cannot tell you how many times I am cruising along and some big, nasty bug flies right into my open mouth (if you have ever seen Andy Griffith, cue the scene on the one with Barney’s motorcycle when he says, “If you ride with your mouth open in the wind and put your tongue against the roof of your mouth, its impossible to pronounce a word that begins with the letter ‘s’.” 🙂

I have had some bugs hit the back of my throat so hard and just drop down. Call up the instant gag reflex! This happens or I run into a swarm of bugs. No matter what, it always makes me stop for a moment, take a big swig of water, and try to get them out of my mouth!

Those are my 3 things I hate when running – what are yours?

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