This Hyatt Presidential Suite is a Standard Upgrade!

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If you ever wanted to stay in a Presidential Suite, this Hyatt Presidential Suite is offered as a standard upgrade that you can get as a Globalist or book with points! It has a lot of room to spread out and perfect for hosting friends or family!

When it comes to the Hyatt Globalist status, one of my favorite things about that status has been the upgrades that it came with at check-in to standard suites. Since that was based on availability, if you really want such an upgrade, you could lock it in in advance with one of the 4 confirmed suite upgrades that Hyatt Globalist members get.

This Hyatt Presidential Suite is a Standard Upgrade

Hyatt Presidential Suite

It is important to know this when you go to redeem your certificate for a suite or when you use points (more on that below) – these upgrade instruments only work on “standard” suites. It is up to the hotel to classify what counts as a “standard” suite. Some of them may simply have an extra small room attached or similar and they can call it a suite – even though it may only cost like $20 more than a regular room.

The Hotel – The Hyatt Regency Phoenix, a Category 3

Hyatt Presidential Suite

The bedroom | Hyatt Presidential Suite

Other hotels may go all out and offer some very nice suites as a Standard Suite. The Hyatt Regency Phoenix is such a hotel. They classify their standard suite upgrade as the Presidential Suite! This suite is lovely, sitting at the top of the hotel and giving a wonderful view of the city (sorry, no view photos here because it was a nasty day the day I was there!).

Hyatt Presidential suite

The living room

This Presidential Suite has from 1,400 – 2,700 square feet (I am assuming they open up the adjoining room to add the higher square footage) and offers two bathrooms (one is very spacious), a meeting area, a living room, a kitchen, desk/workspace, and large bedroom.

Hyatt Presidential Suite

The meeting area | Hyatt Presidential Suite

It costs several hundreds of dollars more than the basic room and it is really a nice space to spread out, if you will be there for a while.

Hyatt Presidential Suite

The same space | Hyatt Presidential Suite

I have stayed in several presidential suites but this is the first one I was ever able to book as a regular upgrade with Hyatt. If you are in the Phoenix area, definitely give it a look!

Hyatt Presidential Suite

Hyatt Presidential Suite

How to Book the Presidential Suite With Points or Certificates

If you are a risk-taker, you can just wait until you check-in as a Hyatt Globalist to see if there is upgrade space to the Presidential Suite. I would guess that would be a pretty hard upgrade to get at check-in!

If you are a Hyatt Globalist, you can use one of your 4 confirmed suite upgrades to book this room. Just book the basic room as an eligible rate (cash or points) and then call/tweet Hyatt to apply your upgrade certificate. You can stay for up to 7 nights with the suite upgrade certificate.

The Hyatt Regency Phoenix is a Category 3 meaning it would require 12,000 points or 6,000 points and $75 for a free night in a basic room.

If you do not have Hyatt status, you could still book this room. The key is you need to book for a minimum of 3 nights and it will cost you a lot more points! Instead of redeeming 12,000 points per night, you will need to spend 20,000 points per night.

Yes, that is 8,000 points more per night but it could be a point saver still if you want room to spread out and you don’t want to book a separate room (which would cost another 12,000 points per night for a total of 24,000 points per night). Again, to book this suite using points, give Hyatt a call and make your reservation!

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  • I’ve had the same experience with Grand Hyatt San Antonio & Grand Hyatt DFW. The presidential at DFW is very nice!!

  • Is it ever possible to do a “double upgrade”, where you would use a confirmed upgrade + points, OR pay double the points to get a luxury suite over a standard?

    • No, but you could always contact the hotel directly to mention that or ask if you could pay something extra on top of your upgrade/points to get a better/specific suite. I have done this before and sometimes they just put a note in the system to give you that one as a complimentary gesture at checkin – if it is available.

  • I stayed at HR Phoenix last August and just got a regular suite, not Presidential Suite, but they did give me a $60 dinner at their revolving restaurant (highest restaurant in Arizona!) and $15 cocktail so I was pretty happy with that already! And they give breakfast vouchers there that works at either the restaurant or Einstein’s bagels. They gave me 2 even though I was only staying by myself, so I ate breakfast at the restaurant and then bought a bagel at Einstein’s to go and ate that for lunch. All 3 meals covered, thank you Hyatt!

    • That is really nice! I didn’t get the dinner but did get the breakfast vouchers (I guess they either don’t have a club lounge anymore or it was under construction?). Well done, Hyatt, indeed!