2020 Boston Marathon Virtual Registration Now Open – What to Know

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The 2020 Boston Marathon virtual edition is now open for registrations. Find out what you need to know about this unique event coming up!

We have seen a lot of “firsts” this year due to coronavirus. In yet another first, the 2020 Boston Marathon will go “virtual” this year in a twist to still give runners’ the chance at an iconic Boston Marathon medal on a course of their choosing. That registration opens today so here is what you should know.

2020 Boston Marathon Virtual Registration Open

When Does the 2020 Boston Marathon Virtual Registration Open?

At 10AM EST on July 7, the 2020 Boston Marathon virtual registration opens. It will require a separate registration over the registration that all participants had submitted last September.

Who Can Register for the 2020 Boston Marathon Virtual Experience?

Unfortunately for many that had hoped to be able to do this virtual event, the 2020 Boston Marathon virtual edition will only be open for registered participants of the actual 2020 Boston Marathon. This means that even runners who had qualified but did not make the cut due to the faster times in those categories will not be able to run this event.

This is a blow to many because it would have been cool to run such an event and get an actual Boston Marathon medal – even though this will be the one medal that was not earned for crossing the iconic Boston Marathon finish line. It would have also been a great opportunity for runners around the world who can never get to the Boston to participate in this hallowed marathon, even though it would be virtually.

Every registered participant will receive a unique registration code when it opens.

How Much Does the 2020 Boston Marathon Virtual Experience Cost?

The cost will be $50 for the 2020 Boston Marathon, virtual edition. The first 15,000 registrants will receive a special pre-race kit (which BAA is using Amazon for the delivery of – interesting) that will have a commemorative 2020 Boston Marathon bib and gear from several sponsors.

Will Finishers of the 2020 Boston Marathon Get a Medal?

All finishers of the 2020 Boston Marathon will get a shirt, finisher’s medal and the official 2020 Boston Marathon program.

When Does the 2020 Boston Marathon Virtual Edition Need to Be Run?

Unlike several other virtual marathons, the Boston Marathon organizers have stipulated that this event must take place between September 7 – 14. Results need to be uploaded with a proof of completion (like your GPS watch data) and the event must be run in one day but there is no time limit.

What About the Boston Marathon Charity Runners?

This is something that has caused some grief for many who had signed up through one of the Boston Marathon charity organizations. These organizations receive a certain amount of bibs that they can use to give to selected runners (who do not have to qualify) in exchange for raising a certain amount of money for the charity.

Charities that offer bibs typically require a credit card when the individual registers so that if the total is not met, the organization can charge the balance to the runner’s credit card. Since these bibs are so highly sought after, it keeps people away that are not serious about raising money.

But, these charities require amounts like $5,000 or more for such a bib. With the cancellation of this year’s marathon, many runners had not finished their fundraising obligations and had expected to either get invited to try again next year or just let out of the agreement. However, the charities are not letting them out but holding them to those agreements. In addition, they also will not let the runner’s carry that fundraising over until next year.

You can read more about that here. While I understand these charities need the money, at the same time, it seems that they could work something out with these runners, especially during a difficult time like this. In the end, these charity runners may have to pay thousands of dollars for a race they will never run.

Bottom Line

This is a once-in-a-lifetime event – running the Boston Marathon “virtually” from wherever you are. Unfortunately, it will still just be the registered participants who can run this event but good for them having this opportunity! After all, their registration does not defer until 2021 so this is their shot.

In an upcoming post, I will suggest some ways to turn this once-in-a-lifetime run into something even more epic! For now, get your $50 in because that is honestly quite a steal compared to the prices I have seen some marathons charging for virtual events!

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