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What’s New with Bluffworks? New, Great Travel Clothes and a New Refer-a-Friend Program

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Written by Charlie

Check out all the new travel clothes from Bluffworks! There are new colors, new products and even the brand new women’s line of travel clothes! Plus, refer a friend is here also!

Bluffworks is a clothing company that started a few years ago with the idea to make great clothes that would be great for travel and everyday use alike. They started with just pants and now they have grown to have an entire wardrobe for men. But, they are not done! They just launched a women’s line and they continue to add new products for the men. Here is what is new with Bluffworks!

New Travel Clothes from Bluffworks

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Over the last few weeks, Bluffworks has launched updated products and added new colors to already popular products. Here are those latest additions.

Bluffworks Piton Polo Shirts

Here is my review on the Bluffworks Piton Polo that was released earlier this year. There were three original colors and they have now expanded on that to add two new colors to their lineup. I have both of the new ones and really like the variety and they are just as comfortable as the ones launched earlier this year.

These polos wear very nicely in that they are comfortable, lightweight, and also retain their form over time (I have a LOT of time in my polos by now!)

Bluffworks Zenith Dress Shirt

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This is another version of their travel shirt, like the Meridian dress shirt. It comes in two new colors/styles and I am a fan of both (I don’t have one of them yet).

Bluffworks Threshold T-Shirts

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The Bluffworks Threshold T-shirt is one of the most comfortable shirts I have ever worn (review here). Now, you can get them in black as well as long-sleeve versions if you want to extend that comfort into cooler weather.

Bluffworks Departure Jeans 2.0

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It would take a lot to get me to wear a pair of jeans again as it had been about 10 years since I wore a pair! I just never found them comfortable enough – but the Bluffworks Departure jeans (Bluffworks Departure Jeans review here) changed that and now they listened to what many of us had shared (don’t you love it when companies do that?!) and they have updated them to include things like the popular cell-phone pocket.

They also added a black pair to go with the original blue denim. I have a black pair coming this week so will share my details on these after I get some time in them.

Bluffworks Field Jacket

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This is one of the products I am really excited to try! Along with various bags/backpacks, I also have been on the journey of finding the perfect jacket for all conditions. It appears that the Field Jacket may just be that one (for me, anyway). I am getting it next week so hopefully there will be some cold weather so I can really put it through its paces! 🙂

New Women’s Line

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For the many women that have been waiting for quality Bluffworks gear, that lineup is here! Obviously, I don’t have any experience with any of this gear, but since it is made by the same company that makes the clothes I wear everyday, I have no reason to think the quality will be any less.

Bluffworks Refer-a-Friend

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Link: Bluffworks Referral Page

If you are a happy Bluffworks customer, now you can get something when you refer others! Simply visit this webpage and get your referral to give to a friend or family member. Not only will they get $25 off their first order, but you will also get $25 when they make their first purchase! Win-win!

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