Want Your Stimulus Money Faster? You Need to Act Now!

Written by Charlie

If you want to get your stimulus money faster and not wait weeks or months for it, you will need to act quickly. Here is what you need to know to get setup.

No question – there have been some problems along the way for millions with the stimulus money that the US has been giving to their citizens. While it is pretty amazing that they were able to get the money out to the over 100 million people as fast as they did, that is not as impressive to the many millions who are still waiting for their money – and really needing it.

If You Want Your Stimulus Money Faster, You Need to Act Now!

Problems and Delays for SSI and VA Recipients

One group is those who receive SSI and VA benefits. While those checks and deposits to those Americans should have already gone out, the IRS has said that they will actually be sending the bulk of those by the end of this month. This was due to the fact that most of those people were not required to file tax returns which meant that their information resided only with the VA or SSA and it is taking more time to get all of that to the IRS for the money.

If you are in this group, the odds of you being able to access your information through the Get My Payment tool and getting your money sooner are not great. Most of you do not yet have your information on the backend of that tool to allow you to access it. For you, you will likely just need to wait until the end of this month – unfortunately.

If You Want Your Money Faster, Register for Direct Deposit Now!

Link: Get My Payment (to get your money electronically instead of via check)

If you qualify for money from the stimulus package, you will be getting it. The only question is when will you get it?

If you have filed a tax return in 2018 or 2019, whichever has been most recently processed will be the one from which the IRS gets the payment information off of. If you are not setup for direct deposit or you have had to pay, you will be issued a check (should you qualify – see this post for more on that and to see how much you will get).

The IRS had previously setup this schedule (see this post) for when you would receive a check but not all of them have been going out when they had said they would. They have said over the weekend that they will be increasing the number of checks going out in a big way later this month.

Deadline to Register for Direct Deposit is Coming Quickly

That means that if you want to switch from getting a check to getting your money in your bank account, the IRS says you must use the Get My Payment tool by Wednesday, May 13, at noon EDT to get your money electronically!

If you do not (or can not because the tool is now showing your information), you will need to wait for your check. This is to allow the IRS to print checks for those who are receiving the money without sending out the payment twice – or not at all.

How To Register for Direct Deposit

Step 1 – Go to Get My Payment

Step 2 – Enter Your Information (may need your 2018 or 2019 return)

Step 3 – May Need to Enter Your Address in All Capital Letters

Once in, you should be able to enter your bank account information. Keep in mind that the IRS is updating the database once per day so if it is not working for you, check again later. But, the system will lock you out if you do it three times in a day!

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  • My husband and I and our grandson filed for taxes 2018,we have not gotten anything yet.We did our taxes thru Contenental loans which we would get a check thru them when we called them they said just to wait till they send it by mail. We have gotten a checking account and put it thru the. Appt how ever it says they needs more information ??? How or what. Do we get a hold of them to see what information they needs

  • Me and my roommate got direct deposit but now there is no checking account so how would the IRS know that information ?